Hurricane Sandy

Written by admin on November 1st, 2012

Our little family weathered Hurricane Sandy pretty well.  We were prepared for a multiple day power outage, but thankfully our power never went out!!  We finally came through a big storm with power…yoohoo!

The wind began gusting Monday around 4AM, picked up as the day progressed and calmed overnight into Tuesday.  For us, the worst gusts were probably over 50mph.

We had one scary moment around 2PM though.  There was a strong gust and suddenly the Hemlock tree, which stands about three feet from our home, fell.  I was like it fell in slow-motion and landed in the only spot it could have fallen without doing damage.   God’s hand was on that tree for sure!  If it had fallen to the east, if would have taken out our living room.  Falling to the north and it would have blocked the street.  Directly falling south and it would have damaged the pantry and taken out windows.  But instead it fell in a perfect westerly direction next to the house doing absolutely no damage whatsoever!  What a blessing!

Our Idaho family is visiting and staying with Dave’s parents.  Their power went out Monday around 6PM and did not come back until yesterday around 2PM.  This causes some pretty substantial stress, but everyone was safe.

Our MA family did great and didn’t have any power issues or damage.  Even our Manhattan family is doing fine.  Their neighborhood came through unscathed from what I’ve heard. Another huge blessing from God!

Our prayers are with all those who did not fair as well and lost property.  We also pray for the souls of those who lost their lives.


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