February, 2007

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Monday, February 26th, 2007

I am trying my hand at making my own homemade cleaning solutions. There are great (free) recipes online for such things as All Purpose Cleaner, Window Cleaner, Bathroom/Kitchen cleaners, etc.

As we run out of store-bought cleaners, I’m making the homemade version. To get started, I bought four spray bottles at Costco and have so far only made a Shower Spray to use after we shower. The shower cleaner is simply equal parts vinegar, rubbing alcohol, two parts water and two drops of dishwashing liquid (Dawn) in a spray bottle. It kind of makes the shower smell like a drunk salad dressing until the vinegar/alcohol dries, but then there is no smell and the shower is perfect. Plus, it is inexpensive and made of stuff that I do not mind being in our home air.

We have used the shower cleaner for three days and it really does seem to work…so far so good.

When I make a new homemade cleaner, I’ll post the recipe and comment whether or not it seems to work.