January, 2012

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Getting Some Projects Done

Friday, January 6th, 2012

This year WILL be the year of accomplishing some projects (I hope) that have needed to be accomplished for a LONG time.  I can be such a procrastinator, it is terrible.

For example; this morning I super-glued broken tops back on 2 bookends that have been broken for literally SIX years!  I have carted these broken bookends around through two states, one apartment and two houses.  It is silly little projects like this example that need to be finished.  But I have two completely fixed and functional bookends that don’t even look like the tops were broken.

Today I also actually put away our Christmas decorations on the last day of Christmas even!!

Yesterday I went through Dave’s closet and got rid of everything that does not fit or does not like.

So I pray I can keep this roll going and get lots done this year!