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Photos Updated

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

In an effort to meet out goal of keeping the pictures updated, I’ve updated the pictures through June.  That means through this past Thursday, so it doesn’t get more current than that.  I’ve also gone back and added descriptions because I saw that we hadn’t done that in a while.  Enjoy!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but the photos are updated!

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Sorry we’ve been so neglectful of adding to the blog.  I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what we’ve been up to.  It’s been a busy few months with planning for Mom & Dad’s 50th wedding surprise party, trips and visits and everything else.  I’ve dated the photos so you can at least ‘see’ what we’ve been doing on how John is growing.  I’m sure that Andrea will be adding some more here as time goes on.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!


Four Months Old, Baptized & Currently Napping!!

Monday, December 7th, 2009
John in his Baptismal clothes

John in his Baptismal clothes

Okay, so the reason I’ve been gone so long is that my dear, sweet baby boy naps beautifully…while resting in my arms.  So I’ve spent the better part of four months sitting in a chair holding my sleeping babe (and loving every minute, so don’t think this is a complaint!).  John has not proven himself a good napper when resting by himself, until today.  We’re forty minutes into a nap where he’s sleeping in another room and I’m doing something else.

John is such an fantastic baby, even if I have had to hold him for naps.  So even tempered and has a wonderful disposition.  We were amazingly blessed with this little fellow.  He was four months old on Sunday.

His baptism was November 8th and turned out beautifully.  My parents were able to attend from IL, which was really nice.  We had almost Dave’s entire family in attendance too.  We’ll get photos posted here pretty soon.

It has been a perfectly lovely four months with John.  I’ve really been able to enjoy my time with him so it isn’t strange that he’s four months old.  What’s strange is that it is almost Christmas.  Good golly, wasn’t it just August, hot, still summertime and I was bringing home a brand new babe.  Dave & I are not even decorating the house this year because we are heading to IL for Christmas plus, the season sprang upon us out of nowhere somehow.

On Sunday a woman came up to me and said I must have the most popular baby in church.  She’d been watching how many people stopped to talk to John.  Mostly it is older ladies.  John’s got this cute little smile he’ll give anyone with a higher pitched voice (aka women).  He generally gets passed around more than the collection basket, but he seems to love it.   It has been amazing to watch how much of a blessing John is to not just Dave & I, but to others he encounters as well.  I think part of it is that Dave & I do not use the car seat as an infant carrier like other people do.  That seat is just too heavy, for one, and besides, he’s a baby and needs to be held, not stuffed in a car seat and carted around by a handle.  We actually had a woman thank us for not using the car seat as a carrier.  She said, “people use those things and you never get to see the baby until they are walking around by themselves.”  We agreed.

Because John is sleeping and not in my arms, I’m actually finding myself unable to figure out what to do with my time right now.  For one, I don’t know how long John will remain napping by himself; so do I start something only to have to stop in a few minutes??   Secondly, I don’t know how much noise he’ll tolerate and remain sleeping.  Free time to myself and I can’t even think what to do…

Well, if this new napping trend that began today continues, you’ll see me here more frequently!

New Niece!

Monday, June 1st, 2009

My dear sister-in-law out in Idaho gave birth to a baby girl yesterday afternoon!  Congratulations!!!

On My Mind

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the passing of a dear friend’s sister.  So all day yesterday and today I’ve been thinking about and praying for my friend and her family.

God, please bless all those who knew and loved Jennifer with your peace this week as they look back on her life and memory.

Feeling Better, Mostly

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

I had a wicked 15 day cold/sinus infection thing going on, but I feel like today that I’m coming out of it.  My cough is less frequent and the running nose thing seems to be gone, but the sinus pressure/headache thing is kind of still lingering.

My house has suffered because of this sick thing I’ve had going on so ’tis time for it to be gone, I got stuff to do!  On today’s agenda is cleaning of the bathroom and potentially our bedroom, I’d like to do mega floor to ceiling cleaning in those rooms so I might only get one accomplished today.  And I am going to make a pot roast for dinner!  I’m cooking it on the stove top because it just seems to come out better for me when it has sat simmering for hours, rather than cooked more quickly in the oven.

So I’m alive.  I just haven’t been blogging lately because I wasn’t doing anything except feeling pretty miserable for two weeks.  On the pregnancy front though, I have started to need to wear my new maternity tops because my regular shirts either don’t close anymore at the bottom or seem awfully short nowadays.  That’s a pretty awesome new development!  I’m feeling a little more like I’m pregnant.  I can tell the muscles in my lower abdomen are stretching to accommodate baby.

Last week I went to Target and worked on our baby registry some more and I think I’m about finished with it.  There might be a few more things I think of that we’ll need as time passes, but for the most part it is pretty finished.

From the Road

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Dave & I are in Illinois visiting my family and friends for Thanksgiving.  We’ve had a really nice time.  The trip out here was tedious because we hit some snow in PA & OH so the trip took three hours longer than normal.  We made it safely though and have enjoyed our time here.  I finally got to see my baby niece.  She’s adorable and sweet.  My older niece is a bundle of energy, really talkative and just a joy. My brother & sister-in-law are doing a great job raising those girls, such wonderful parents.

Monday we spent the day with dear friends down in Argenta.  I always have a great time there.  Today, Dave & I ate lunch and dinner with good friends here in Peoria.  We also visited both sets of my grandparents in their respective cemeteries in Havana & Springfield.  My Springfield grandparents just received their new headstone with my grandmother’s information added.  My grandparents in Havana won’t get their headstone until after the Spring thaw so the stone can be set properly.

Tomorrow we are laying low and hanging out at my parent’s house for the most part.  Maybe we’ll also get some things fixed for Thanksgiving so there is less to do tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving.

The Weekend and Running Around Today

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Dave & I had a really nice weekend together.

Friday evening (Halloween) we sat on the porch and handed out candy.  We had fewer kids than last year, but we still had probably 60+ kids.  We’ve decided that since our house is situated off the street a bit, that kids seem to make a mental calculation of the ratio of potential candy to the distance they’d have to walk to get it.  We say this because we had every light on in the house AND a bright porch light AND we were sitting on the porch and still many kids kind of paused at the end of the drive-way and then walked on.  And we had good candy too…

Saturday we worked on cleaning up the site around the brand new frame for the sugarhouse (shed like building used to boil down maple sap into maple syrup) after the big wind storm took down all our protective tarps and plastic.   The frame wasn’t damaged a bit though, so that was good.  So instead of the walls & roof being a staged project over the next year or so we have to do it ASAP.  We also created a level area where the new evaporator will go when we pick it up in a few weeks.  The evaporator is going to get a real roof and walls now that we know a casual storm can knock out tarps and such.

Sunday we went to church and had a really nice day hanging out here at home.  Dave took care of leaves in the front yard and cleaned up the yard some too.

Today, I’ve got some running around to do so I’ll not be home most of the day.  Since the Farmer’s Markets are over, I’m going to try cutting my running around back to just a couple days a week again to save on gas and money spent.

I hope everyone has a great day!!

Very Nice and Pretty Quiet Weekend

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Dave and I had a really nice weekend.  Friday evening we went for a nice walk.  Then, we packed 5 gallons of maple syrup into smaller quantities for the Farmer’s Markets while we also made maple candy.  Saturday we had the Somers market from 9-12, then we went to a local shop that is going to carry our maple products.   We spent 2 hours at Lowe’s pricing items for our new sugarhouse which we begin construction on in October (I’m sure we’ll post photos).

Today we went to church and to the Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast (we supply the maple syrup, of course).  Our church is doing several fundraisers this year for a Franciscan mission in Jamaica.  There is a pasta dinner next week and there will be four more dinners throughout the year.  Since there are some fantastically large maple trees on the church property, we thought of another fundraiser.  Dave is going to tap the trees, we’ll pack the syrup in pint containers and the church can sell “church syrup”.

The rest of today has been nice and quiet.  I made a big pot of very healthy and yummy vegetable beef stew for dinner.  We even took a nap and watched a football game, our team lost though.