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2010 Spring Cleaning Update #1

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The living room is 90% of the way finished being completely overhauled.  On Sunday, Dave and I took the whole room apart.  We took out of few pieces of furniture to give John more space to work on crawling.  We got rid of a bunch of stuff we didn’t need.  There are just a very few little things to take care of and I can say one room is completely done being spring cleaned.  YEAH!

Next I’m moving on to the downstairs and upstairs hallways and the stairway.  There is a TON of woodwork in these areas that needs to be wiped down.  A task I’m not entirely looking forward too.

Books To Think About Getting

Friday, March 19th, 2010

The Real Mother Goose

1000 Times No by: Mr. Warburton

Duck!  Rabbit!  by: Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Shake It Up, Baby! by: Karen Katz

Good Egg by:  Barney Saltzberg

Making the Spring Cleaning List

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Like every year, I’ve begun making my spring cleaning list.  But this year I have every intention of following through and finishing the list (I do that every year too…)!  My plan to actually follow through is to give myself a longer period in which to accomplish spring cleaning as well as give myself a deadline.  I want to have the house in tip-top shape by the end of April!

I’m starting in the living room.  There is an ulterior motive starting in this room…John’s about to crawl and it is the only carpeted room in the house.  There are a few extra pieces of furniture in there that we’ll be moving to the attic and then rearranging the room so John has as much free space to crawl and move about as he needs.  I don’t want to continuously be saying “no” to keep him out of things so I also want to move as much stuff out of his reach as possible.

Oh, on a happy note, I did finish one big spring cleaning project.  I completely emptied and organized my clothes closet!  I got rid of 2 trash bags full of clothing.  It felt so good to get that done.

Starting to Feel Like Being a Homemaker Again

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Well, seven months after giving birth to our fantastically wonderful babe, I’m finally feeling up to being a better homemaker again.  Boy, did I ever slack off for the past seven months.  Poor Dave has been digging clothes out of baskets most of the time as I haven’t taken the time to fold or hang clean clothes up.  Meals are lackluster.  No baking to speak of.  The dust has bred more dust.  But I can honestly say that I have totally and completely enjoyed John’s first seven months.   He’s getting bigger now though and we’re getting to a point where John will shortly be crawling and I really don’t want the poor kid crawling through dust bunnies because I haven’t swept.

So because spring is in the air, I’m feeling like spring cleaning and getting my household back into shape.  And Dave will probably rejoice in not having to dig wrinkled dress shirts out of baskets of clean clothes again.  And I’m sure he’ll like a homemade freshly baked cookie again too.

Time is the difficulty though.  This week I’m working on getting John is nap longer by himself so that will help.  And I’ve got a young lady coming over on Thursdays after school to babysit John in the living room while I tend too a deep cleaning project.  So my spring cleaning goals will probably take me until the end of April, but I’m focused on getting this home back into order!

My Experience Feeding John Solids

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I waited to feed John any solids until he was 6 months.  As recommended by several books and my pediatrician, I started with bananas then sweet potatoes.  I was told to offer each new food for three days before adding a new food item in case John showed signs of an allergy to anything.  Thankfully, allergies have not proven to be a problem.  It did however take a full month of offering him food at multiple opportunities everyday before he finally ate what I would consider a meal.  He ate literally no more than a teaspoon of food a day for a couple of weeks.  Then moved to about a tablespoon of food per day.  It was the day he turned 7 months (March 6) that he actually ate probably 2 ounces at each meal.  I found that surprising.

John is just now eating grains though.  Everyone said their baby took to infant rice cereal immediately.  Not John.  He refused anything I tried to disguise rice cereal in.  And it didn’t matter what consistency of cereal I tried either…he just did not go for that texture.  Finally within the past 2 days, I can get him to eat a very small amount of rice cereal (maybe a teaspoon) heavily hidden in pear sauce.  I just found that very interesting.

So every babe is different and takes to eating differently.  As long as they are either breastfeeding or taking several formula bottles everyday, it seems they still thrive even without much solid food.

Homemade Baby Food: Sweet Potatoes, Carrots & Pears

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I’ve been making more homemade baby foods for John.  With all three items (sweet potatoes, carrots and pears), I just boiled them in water, drained most of the water (saving some for thinning the puree as necessary), and zapped them in the food processor.  I put them in ice cube trays, froze them, and later placed the cubes in freezer bags.  I take out as many cubes as necessary for each of John’s meals.