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Four Months Old, Baptized & Currently Napping!!

Monday, December 7th, 2009
John in his Baptismal clothes

John in his Baptismal clothes

Okay, so the reason I’ve been gone so long is that my dear, sweet baby boy naps beautifully…while resting in my arms.  So I’ve spent the better part of four months sitting in a chair holding my sleeping babe (and loving every minute, so don’t think this is a complaint!).  John has not proven himself a good napper when resting by himself, until today.  We’re forty minutes into a nap where he’s sleeping in another room and I’m doing something else.

John is such an fantastic baby, even if I have had to hold him for naps.  So even tempered and has a wonderful disposition.  We were amazingly blessed with this little fellow.  He was four months old on Sunday.

His baptism was November 8th and turned out beautifully.  My parents were able to attend from IL, which was really nice.  We had almost Dave’s entire family in attendance too.  We’ll get photos posted here pretty soon.

It has been a perfectly lovely four months with John.  I’ve really been able to enjoy my time with him so it isn’t strange that he’s four months old.  What’s strange is that it is almost Christmas.  Good golly, wasn’t it just August, hot, still summertime and I was bringing home a brand new babe.  Dave & I are not even decorating the house this year because we are heading to IL for Christmas plus, the season sprang upon us out of nowhere somehow.

On Sunday a woman came up to me and said I must have the most popular baby in church.  She’d been watching how many people stopped to talk to John.  Mostly it is older ladies.  John’s got this cute little smile he’ll give anyone with a higher pitched voice (aka women).  He generally gets passed around more than the collection basket, but he seems to love it.   It has been amazing to watch how much of a blessing John is to not just Dave & I, but to others he encounters as well.  I think part of it is that Dave & I do not use the car seat as an infant carrier like other people do.  That seat is just too heavy, for one, and besides, he’s a baby and needs to be held, not stuffed in a car seat and carted around by a handle.  We actually had a woman thank us for not using the car seat as a carrier.  She said, “people use those things and you never get to see the baby until they are walking around by themselves.”  We agreed.

Because John is sleeping and not in my arms, I’m actually finding myself unable to figure out what to do with my time right now.  For one, I don’t know how long John will remain napping by himself; so do I start something only to have to stop in a few minutes??   Secondly, I don’t know how much noise he’ll tolerate and remain sleeping.  Free time to myself and I can’t even think what to do…

Well, if this new napping trend that began today continues, you’ll see me here more frequently!