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Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Lent started today and we’re hoping to have a good Lent, maybe even start a few new prayer habits by the end too.

This morning John and I walked to Church to attend the 9AM Mass to receive our ashes.  John is finally old enough to not freak when seeing those ashes on my forehead.  As a baby he cried when he looked at me with ashes on my forehead.  As a toodler, he couldn’t even look at me.  As a 3 yr old, he just asked that I wipe them off quickly.  This year, he’s good with the whole thing.  Whew…another milestone reached!

There was a little guy about 15 months old at Church with his mother this morning.  I watched him react to his mother having ashes on her forehead.  He was totally fine.  He was even reaching out to touched them, then he’d pull back and giggle.  That was so not John’s reaction at that age. John acted like Dave & I each had a tarantula sitting on our foreheads about to pounce on him.  Good thing I had baby wipes with me because we both had to wipe our foreheads before he stopped spazzing.

Ah, the memories of Ash Wednesdays past.