October, 2009

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Friday, October 30th, 2009

John will be baptized November 8th at our church.  My parents were able to make a trip here in November so we were able to set the date to coincide with their visit.  Pretty cool!  I’m still working on details like where to have a luncheon afterward, but it is good to at least have a date.

Meeting Some More Family

Monday, October 5th, 2009

So over the weekend John got to meet the New York contingency of his family.  It was so nice for Dave’s NY brother’s family to get to meet John too.  They really enjoyed him.

This weekend we also went to Dave’s parent’s church picnic which was a lot of fun.  Afterward, we went for a brief drive around our area leaf peeping.  The day was overcast, but it was still beautiful to see.

Hmmm, I’m holding John and he’s already pushing keyboard keys on me.  Speaking of John, we’ve got his 2 month appointment tomorrow.  I’m excited to see how much he’s grown in the past month.  He’s really getting so big lately.

Well, John’s interest in sitting here watching me type is waning.

Blessing to the Old Ladies

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Dave and I can’t stand using the car seat as a carrier for John.  It’s bulky, heavy and horribly annoying so we carry John most places or I put him in a wrap “wearing him”.  At church though we always just carry him.  We’ve decided that because apparently most of the new parents put their new babies in car seats people never get to see them or hold them.  And because of that we have hypothesized that it is the reason John gets so much attention at church.

All the older gals that were so sweet while I was pregnant are now doting on John like crazy.  He gets so much attention from them.  They all ooh and ahhh and ask to hold him.  They cuddle him and love on him.  It is so sweet.

Yesterday I went back to Bible Study for the first time since about 5 weeks before I had John.  There is an old gal there that suffers greatly from physical degeneration and is kind of a sourpuss.  I brought John in and he was an instant hit.  He also was immediately taken from my arms to be held.  Someone gave John to the sour lady.  She totally monopolized him after that.  He fell asleep in her arms and she just hung on, even though I offered to take him so she could rest her arms.  I’ve never heard her say much of anything positive, but after holding John she talked about how cuddly he was and how good it felt to hold a baby.

He’s such a blessing to all these ladies and to others.  My hope and prayer is that he is forever a blessing to those he encounters.  He sure is our little blessing that’s for positive!!

Parenthood as a Way of Showing Your Character Flaws

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Hmmm, I’ve learned that parenthood sure can point out those glaring character flaws.  Ya know that old selfishness flaw, yeah apparently I have that in spades.  John has so nicely pointed it out.

During the night, John takes 3-3.5 ounces at almost every feeding and then sleeps 3 hours (an ounce an hour, right?).   In the middle of the night, I thought I’d try interesting him in an extra ounce so I could get maybe an extra hour of sleep.  Yeah, ah that ended in me wearing about 2 ounces of spit-up because the little guy’s belly doesn’t hold 4.5 ounces yet.  Selfishness.

And then there was the time he awoke at 10:30PM, way to early in my mind for a feeding so I repeatedly leaned over and put his pacifier in his mouth thinking I could get just a couple more minutes of sleep.   When I finally just gave up and got up at 11, I picked him up only to discover the poor guy had wet through his diaper, his clothes and his bedding.  Yeah, that didn’t make me feel like a heel or anything… Selfishness rearing it’s ugly head again.

So lesson hopefully learned.  When doing something for my own selfish convenience or desires, think again of John (or others…).

Blessings of a Baby with a Schedule!

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

So for John’s first 6 weeks Dave and I totally let John set the schedule.  In our minds there was no sense trying to impose a schedule on the little fellow being so new to the world and all.  The only thing we did was keep it dark at night and light during the day to help him get the feel for the fact that night time would be a great time to sleep.  We were really blessed in that John never had any long awake periods during the night.  He just woke frequently for feedings and would go right back to sleep.

After six weeks without a daytime schedule though and then three straight days when John didn’t take a nap longer than 15 minutes and having to hold him continuously I was starting to worry.  I called my dear friend Deborah who has six children and asked what on earth to do to help John get on a schedule.  Apparently, all I had to do was complain though because all of a sudden I started to see a pattern to John’s day.  We are now FOUR DAYS into an actually beginning of a schedule for our days!!  I’m feeling so human again, it’s amazing.

So Monday night and each night since John has gone to bed between 7:30-8:00PM, awakened around midnight for a feeding, around 2:30 for a feeding, around 5:30 for a feeding and then awakened for the morning between 7-7:45AM.  Then he’s taken a morning nap around 9-10:30 and another nap around 1-5PM.  Then been awake for the evening until his new bedtime.  Today is the first time I’ve been able to either lay him down by himself for a nap or not slept with him though.  If he stays asleep I might actually tend to a few household chores quietly downstairs!!!!!!!!

Dave and I wanted John to take the lead showing us his schedule and it worked!  And this week I’ve been able to do things to make sure he sticks to that schedule and it sure has made a difference in how I feel.  I’m feeling more rested and alert again.