February, 2008

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A Friend Passes

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

This morning I woke up, had a nice breakfast with my husband, went into the kitchen to make his lunch and noticed the answering machine light blinking. I pressed play. The voice of one of the dearest people in my life was sobbing uncontrollably about what sounded like someone passing. The message had arrived at 11:30PM, we were already asleep and didn’t hear the phone ring. So I called my friend immediately and learned that her only sister (39 yrs old) had been killed in a car accident last evening. She leaves three young children, a dear husband and so many other people whose life was touched by this quiet, beautiful, faith-filled woman. She will be missed more than I can even imagine at this moment.

It seems that she passed instantaneously so I hope she feared what was happening for only a moment before she was taken into the Glory of the Lord.

My Grandmother’s passing last month was so much easier to rationalize and peace was with me almost instantly upon hearing of her death. I know this woman was a devote Christian and I know she too is in Heaven, but somehow I just feel so badly for those she left behind. My dear friend, her mother, her husband and her children all must be in so much pain right at this moment. Death coming so suddenly with no preparation for those to be left behind is the hardest thing to cope through.

God bless your soul Jennifer 11/27/68-2/25/08. May all the Saints in Heaven pray for the faith and peace of your loved ones left behind. You will be greatly missed.