April, 2012

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So Glad It Is Still Spring!

Monday, April 9th, 2012

I’m so glad it is still spring, because I’m not done with spring cleaning yet.  The living room is looking pretty good.  It is completely organized!  I still need to finish washing the curtains and a few other hings though  The rest of the house is still in need of finishing.

Dave & I had a discussion over the weekend and decided to get our buns busy getting some weight off.  We’re going to start walking and I’m going to rework our menu.  We were looking at some of the calories on a few things we eat regularly and were amazed.

I borrowed Everyday Food Light from the library and have written down some recipes we’re going to be trying.  I figured two new recipes per two week menu cycle was enough.  So this cycle we’re trying herb-butter chicken cutlets and a salmon burger recipe.  Both look really yummy.

I made my first cake from scratch this weekend; including the frosting.  It turned out really great.  It was Alton Brown’s recipe for Carrot Cake with his frosting recipe.  It wasn’t really pretty because I still haven’t figured out how to frost a cake beautifully, but it sure was tasty.