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Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Lent started today and we’re hoping to have a good Lent, maybe even start a few new prayer habits by the end too.

This morning John and I walked to Church to attend the 9AM Mass to receive our ashes.  John is finally old enough to not freak when seeing those ashes on my forehead.  As a baby he cried when he looked at me with ashes on my forehead.  As a toodler, he couldn’t even look at me.  As a 3 yr old, he just asked that I wipe them off quickly.  This year, he’s good with the whole thing.  Whew…another milestone reached!

There was a little guy about 15 months old at Church with his mother this morning.  I watched him react to his mother having ashes on her forehead.  He was totally fine.  He was even reaching out to touched them, then he’d pull back and giggle.  That was so not John’s reaction at that age. John acted like Dave & I each had a tarantula sitting on our foreheads about to pounce on him.  Good thing I had baby wipes with me because we both had to wipe our foreheads before he stopped spazzing.

Ah, the memories of Ash Wednesdays past.

Spring Cleaning Mistakes of the Past

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

In the past, I have NEVER finish doing a top to bottom “spring cleaning” of my house EVER!  I really wonder who does.  Over the years, every room has gotten “spring cleaned”, but never every year and never every spring.  I think my problem is perfectionism.  I suffer from this problem that if I can’t make it perfect, I don’t finish and it weighs on my mind for eternity.  So I have perpetual spring cleaning guilt.

I might, just might, have stumbled onto a cure.  For one, I started in January.  For two, I made no list.  You see, a list makes me feel like I have to complete everything on the list.  If said list doesn’t get finished to perfection, I get discouraged and quit…with regret.

I have completely spring cleaned my son’s room.  Did it in January!  I am almost finished in our master bedroom and the living room.  How awesome is that!!!  I just walked into my son’s room, started moving around furniture, cleaning as I went, and before I knew it I was done.  I had gone through every draw, found every lost toy that was hiding under shelves, the bed, the dresser.  I had organized his toys.  I had washed the curtains.  I had dusted the walls and ceiling.  It was awesome.

No list, that’s my new plan!  The other part of the plan is to complete my house spring cleaning by Easter Sunday!  I’m on my way!!

Dusty Around Here

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Good golly it sure has been a long while since I was last here.

Things are good. How are you?

Lots of stuff roaming around my little brain, but I haven’t put finger to keyboard to blog about anything for a long while.

I know I talk about this all too frequently, but spring cleaning is going to actually happen in the entire house this year!  Promise!  I decided that by Easter Sunday this house will be fabulous!  Okay, maybe not fabulous, but it will at least be free of little dust bunnies everywhere.  And I already have a head start!  I am 80% completely done spring cleaning John’s room…already!  Yeah, for me.  All I have to do is wash his curtains and wash his bedding and I will be done in there!  I even changed all his furniture around and it looks pretty awesome in there, if I do say so myself.

So I thought my cat (17 year old cat) was dying.  He’s been kind of yucky for several months.  He hangs out in the kitchen in a cardboard box and doesn’t do any of his normal stuff.  I figure that he is dying.  Nope, he had an allergy.  Fantastic hubby figured it out.  Allergy dealt with and Riley (the cat) is now acting like a 10 year old cat.  He’s back to his old self.  Honestly, I was getting use to him being quiet.  But, my loud, obnoxious kitty who will go into “self-petting” mode by rubbing his wet little nose all over your hand if you are not actively aggressively petting him is back.

John is doing fantastically.  He is a very active little boy.  LOVES his tractors, trucks, tools and being read too.  He does not like just sitting and looking at books anymore.  He demands that someone “do the words” as he sometimes puts it.

We’re thinking about Lent.  “Doing Lent” is heavily on my mind these days because I want John to get a better understanding of our liturgical seasons.

Hope everyone out there is doing well!


Upstairs Hallway, Spring Cleaning

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Slightly more detailed.

  • Sweep floor
  • Murphy’s Oil Soap wood floor
  • Windex & dust mirrors
  • Polish wood furnishings
  • Dust/Vacuum radiators
  • Straighten books
  • Straighten shelving
  • Go through cabinet at end of hall, straighten, purge
  • Wash curtains
  • Windex insides of windows
  • Dust baseboards

Stairwell, Spring Clean

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Pretty easy!

  • Vacuum stair treads
  • Dust baseboard
  • Dust railing and spindles

Downstairs Hallway, Spring Clean

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

This area won’t be too bad to spring clean either!  Hey things are looking up!

  • Wash front door curtain
  • Windex door window
  • Sweep floor
  • Dust shelves
  • Put away any winter wear we aren’t using
  • Dust pictures
  • Murphy’s Oil Soap the wood floors
  • Dust/vacuum radiators

Living Room, Spring Clean

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

This is probably one of the easier rooms to spring clean. So I think this is where I will begin!

  • Wash the inside of the windows
  • Wash the curtains
  • Vacuum/dust window sills
  • Wipe down woodwork around windows
  • Wipe down doors (there are 2)
  • Straighten & dust bookshelves
  • Dust and straighten mantle
  • Thoroughly vacuum
  • Maybe do a little furniture rearranging
  • Vacuum furniture
  • Polish wood furniture
  • Put more of John’s board books away
  • Dust all picture frames
  • Dust/Vacuum radiators
  • Wash our “cuddle up” blankets

Spring Cleaning, Revisited, Again

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

In years past I have utterly failed to finish spring cleaning.  I’m talking about one of those deep down cleaning to the very core of the house.  Sure the house gets cleaned…but we’ve lived here almost 6 years and it is time for a good honest cleaning.  And I want to finish it during Lent so that when Easter arrives it feels like the house has had a resurrection too!

So I think I’ll make a list of each room, list the cleaning projects and get busy since I’ve already allowed a week of Lent to lapse.

Fish for Lent

Friday, February 24th, 2012

I really need better food ideas for Lent.  Ash Wednesday we ended up eating fish sandwiches at McDonald’s.  This evening I thought I had a good one, but it flopped.  I served stuffed clams, fish cakes, cauliflower, and seasoned tator tots.

It is tough to serve fish dishes on a budget.  We really like salmon, but WOW, salmon costs an arm and a couple legs to serve.  It is recommended to serve fish 2-3 times/week.  Sardines….maybe!


Lenten Plans … Extended

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

I had planned to be finished “spring cleaning” the entire house by Easter, but the project got expanded.  Dave and I decided to purge our entire house of everything we don’t use/love/need.  Our dining room and front porch has turned into garage sale central and we’re still not done.  A couple of rooms are completed; like the bathroom, our living room and the upstairs hallway.  The living room is actually housing a piece of furniture for the garage sale, our sofa.  We’d like to get some money for the sofa, but we’re also game for just giving the thing away to however will hauled it.

With our new computer we have plans to divest ourselves of a whole pile of media; DVDs and CDs specifically.  Dave bought a giant amount of memory that can hold 200+ DVDs and piles of CDs.  We’ll sell all but out favorites from both collections and free up even more room.  I think this will make the collections more accessible also.  We rarely listen to any music and I think it is because it is a pain to search the collection for what you want to listen too and then load it into a media outlet.

Well, I need to get dinner on the table.  I think we’ll have au gratin potatoes with broccoli and diced ham baked as a casserole.