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I Think I Finally Have A System!!!

Friday, May 4th, 2012

I’ve blogged about my inability to figure out a system that will keep me organized and motivated to finish all the work I need to accomplish as a wife, mother, homemaker, soon-to-be pre-schooling home educator, and co-owner of a small farm.

Well, I’ve been reading about Dawn’s filing system that she uses now for a long while.  There were aspects that I put into effect a while ago, but something about her latest blog entry about her files system of organizing herself clicked with me.

For whatever reason daily things to do lists depress me more than aid me.  I get all carried away thinking of all these things I want to accomplish in one day.  When they all don’t get accomplish, dejection sets in and I stop making lists.  Again, for whatever reason weekly lists work pretty well for me.  I can put tons of things down and I know I’ve got a whole week to accomplish them.

This afternoon I even came up with a weekly sheet that includes a column for those things I need to do daily also.  I just put a letter for each day of the week (S,M,T,W,T,F,S) that I can cross off daily when I’ve accomplished that task.  There are 11 things that I need to do daily to make our lives run smoothly in this house.

  1. make beds
  2. Empty/refill and run the dishwasher
  3. wipe kitchen counters/stovetop
  4. do a quick declutter of the house
  5. scoop the cat litter
  6. provide at least an hour of outside time for my son
  7. empty clothes hampers and take laundry to basement
  8. fix dinner
  9. Mon-Fri Fix my husband’s lunch
  10. Mon-Fri put together a breakfast for my husband so he can eat even when I’m still asleep
  11. and plan a lite evening snack (because if it is unplanned there is wide spread high calorie snack consumption, something we’re trying to avoid around here)

Obviously, in life there are other “daily to-dos”, but I need motivation (aka a checklist) to make myself accountable for those eleven because I’ve learned that my life just runs a whole lot smoother when they get accomplished, plus I feel better knowing I’m being a good homemaker.

So I need to take pictures of my personal little “system” using file folders and make a post of it.


Saturday, March 12th, 2011

On Friday evening, Dave came up with wonderful news.  He got a much deserved (my word & opinion!) promotion at work.  His new boss is pretty awesome.  He has only been there a short few weeks, but went to the next person in the hierarchy and said he thought Dave deserved this promotion.  The answer was an immediate, “I agree”.  So that was pretty fantastic!!

Decided to Do a Better Job Celebrating Feast Days

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

For a long while I’ve had a couple of good books relating to celebrating the Catholic Liturgical Calendar within your family.  Today I decided to make an effort to institute some Feast Day celebrations into our household.  So this afternoon, during John’s glorious one and a half hour, uninterrupted nap, I had time to research and plan for the upcoming feast days through the beginning of November.

The first one I’m going to start with is Michaelmas also known as the Feast of the Archangels (St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael) which is September 29th.  When the date gets closer I’ll let you know how we’ll be celebrating the day, but it should be fun.

Howdy! Ya Know How It Gets Sometimes…

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Well, once again I had a break from blogging.  If our dear little one napped solo, I’d be on here probably daily, but we’re not there again.  But that’s okay.  Speaking of our little dear, he’s going to be one so very soon.  He’s 10 months and 4 weeks right now.

I think this weekend we’re going to zip up to Maine for the day.  John’s been to five of the New England states, but he’s missing Maine so we’ll get that in before his first birthday.  He’s been to a whole lot more states before his first birthday than either Dave or I, that’s for sure.

Well, I’ d like to go spend the rest of my evening with hubbie and John so bye for now.  But know we are all doing well.

Sorry for the lack of posts

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Dave here.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I’m sure that everyone will understand that it has been an interesting few weeks as both Andrea and I adjust to our new life with John.  We are slowly getting into a routine and John is started to adapt as well.

There have been so many things to share about what has happened in the past month and I’m sure that Andrea will be sharing some of them here in the coming weeks.  I’ve done my part and have uploaded a series of pictures from August to the photo gallery for everyone to see.  I’m hoping that this will fill the void that the lack of posts has created.

God Bless and I hope that everyone is well!

Lots and Lots of Baby Related Appointments

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Between childbirth classes, baby care class, breastfeeding classes, cloth diapering class and “baby-wearing” class, Dave and I have just been running all over the place with baby related stuff.  We’ve also got interviews set-up with pediatricians and a car seat installation appointment.   Tonight I’m attending my first La Leche League meeting with the topic “bringing home baby and beginning breastfeeding”.

We took our baby care class last Friday evening.  Seeing all the variety of new parents was interesting.  There was a couple who looked young and might even still be attending maybe graduate level schooling who took notes feverishly.  A couple who were hyper prepared and not nearly as far a long as I am in the pregnancy.  And an older couple having a second child 13 years after their first.  And several more just normal people with normal questions.

We’ve also taken our first childbirth class; actually our first of four of those classes.  This Saturday we are going to a local store for two classes; one on cloth diapering and another on slings.   We’ve just been absolutely overwhelmed with the variety of cloth diapers available right now.   There are a zillion different options and all of them have pros & cons, it is just a matter of coming up with a configuration of pros and cons we can live with.  So we’re hopeful this class will do that for us.

Thankfully, one of our local state troopers stationed here in town is certified to install car seats so I don’t have to fret about doing that.  I just had to make an appointment with him.

We are getting close to having the baby room prepared.  We have the dresser, but we still need to transform it into a changing table as well.  The changing pad has been purchased, but we just need to make a platform, do some sanding, fix a little trim and repaint the whole thing.   It should look pretty cute when it is complete.  My cat, Bailey, has approved of and decidedly taken over the new chair in the baby’s room.  And the crib is still in a couple of pieces, but coming along.

My mother-in-law is hosting a baby shower for us on June 27th.  I don’t think she’s actually sending out invitations, just letting people know via word of mouth because she’s been pretty infirmed lately with a leg injury.  She’s chosen a nice little Italian restaurant that serves yummy food in which to host the shower.  My mom is actually scheduled to be here during that time-frame so she’ll even get to attend!

So aside from running all over the countryside lately, I’m doing pretty well.  My only real “complaint” is being just pooped.  Occasionally, the baby stretches up into my lungs or jabs my stomach making me feel slightly ill.  And I’ve got the usual pregnancy back and pelvis aches and pains, but nothing really difficult to deal with at all.

Well, I need to go prepare dinner for my dear hubbie and I so that I can attend my La Leche League meeting this evening.

What We’ve Been Up To

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Well, my parents were here for nearly a week and did such amazing things for us while they were here.  We’ve gotten more baby clothes, which I need to wash and put away.  I’ve packed the baby bag for the hospital.  Since I had all the supplies, I figured that I might as well take care of it now rather than later.  Curtain fabric for the baby room has been picked out and my mom is working on those for us.

Dave and I have both been working on our family genealogies.  Dave’s back about 5 generations total so far.  He’s got a hard time of it because he’s been unable to tap into any one else’s work yet so the leg work is potentially going to be all his.  I’ve had a little more success tapping into other’s work and might even be back well into the beginnings of the 17th century (1620s and earlier in some cases) and still finding folks born here in North America.  Plus, I might have found leads back to Scotland, England, Ireland, France and Germany with various parts of the family.

We’ve visited the coast of Maine with my parents and had amazing lobster while staring out across the Atlantic.  Pretty awesome.

And I’m still doing really well at 31 weeks pregnant.  I’ve hit my threshold for endurance a few times lately and learned my lesson to take it easier nowadays.  I’ve also discovered that dehydration makes Braxton-Hicks contractions actually harder and slightly uncomfortable.  So staying hydrated and taking frequent breaks keeps me very happy!

Fabulous Husband Alert!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Last night Dave walks in the door, changed out of his work clothes and started taking care of all these  household tasks that he could tell needed done.  I’m not very good at all at telling someone I’m slowing down and can’t take care of everything anymore, not even my husband.  He did like 4 loads of laundry and emptied all the trash containers in the entire house!

If I stand for too long my belly just gets tired and my back starts aching.  And bending over makes me really winded.  If the baby is moving and I’m walking at the same time, ARGH…my belly just feels so tired.  So taking very frequent sit down breaks is my world now.  I’m not complaining at all.  It just is my reason for falling behind on my household chores.  But thankfully, I am blessed with a great man who totally took care of the situation!!  Pretty awesome!

Baby Room Painting

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

I have a severe case of undecidedness in regards to the paint color for the baby’s room.  At least until we have more than one child, the baby room will double as an office, so I can’t be silly about picking some colors I might have otherwise chosen.

I was planning to do big stripes of two shades of off white/beige like colors.  Then standing there in front of all those paint cards at the hardware store got me thinking about other options.  So I ended up coming home with maybe 20 paint cards.

I’m actually considering a color called Seaspray which hints toward the green family.  It is VERY pale, but is also relaxing.  Initially trying to think through pairing a green tinted paint with pinks, if we have a girl seemed off, but now I’m kind of coming around to the idea.  I know I’ve seen shades of green successfully matched with shades of pinks.  And blues if we have a boy would not be a problem at all.

Stripes are kind of a pain to paint so this new idea might actually save us some time & effort.

If we were to do the stripes, I found two cards next to each other called Puffball and Mission.  Who could resist a color called Puffball for a baby room?  They are just two very similar shades of very pale tan.  But Seaspray might win the day.  I still have to show them to Dave; who will of course ask if there is actually a difference between Puffball & Mission and will offer no real opinion in regards to the Seaspray color.  But I’ll have involved him in the process.

So I Bought a Pie

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

I cheated (see entry below) and bought a Sara Lee frozen apple pie, it was on sale.  So I think we are going to have pot pies for dinner with a salad (the salad is so that I don’t totally feel like we are eating bad calories).  And there ya go! I’ve celebrated National Pie Day!

I’m on husband-ordered rest today.  I developed a cold on Sunday that has also turned into a mild fever for the past two days so my dear hubbie has ordered rest.  So I’m resting…I’m just using my fingers to type right now!

Okay, all this talk of pies and more pies is making me hungry.  Time for lunch!!  Oh, speaking of food,  I’ve discovered that a pregnant brain is a crazy thing.  Last night I was making dinner and it was actually starting to repulse me, but by the time it was being pulled from the oven, I was starving and it looked good.  Now that I think about it, generally looking at food makes me kind of grossed out nowadays, but then I’m starving and eat like normal.  So all food is yucky until I’m hungry.  Kinda crazy, if you ask me.