June, 2012

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The Bathroom

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Yup, a post about the bathroom.  Actually it is about improving our bathroom….with paint.  The metal baseboard heating covers were beginning to rust.  The nearly 100 year old wood finished wainscoting is flecked with homeowners long ago bad paint techniques.  One can of spray paint and the baseboards LOOK AMAZING!  They are drying right now or I’d probably working on painting the wainscoting right now.  I can not wait.

That bathroom has looked so down and dreary for the whole time we’ve lived here, but a few weeks ago Dave and I had inspiration from a hotel bathroom.  We were staying at the Omni Mt. Washington Hotel in New Hampshire.  Very fabulous indeed.  Anyway, we had a gorgeous, huge bathroom that was painted a lovely shade of pale green and lots, and lots of glorious white.  It felt clean.  And you really do want to feel clean in your bathroom, don’t you?

Over the weekend we obtained white spray paint for the baseboards and pure white paint for the dark, dreary wainscoting.  Today was a perfect day to spray paint too.  The humidity is below 50% and the temp is fantastic.  The whole house is wide open; every door and every window.

I’ll probably have to wait a week or longer to tend to the rest of the painting project.  The bathroom being a room we use all day everyday, I need a dry day when the paint will dry in a reasonable time.  And we’re in for some more humidity and wet weather.

I’m excited though.  Now I need to be thinking about a few decorating items to make the room look pretty too.