April, 2009

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Fabulous Husband Alert!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Last night Dave walks in the door, changed out of his work clothes and started taking care of all these  household tasks that he could tell needed done.  I’m not very good at all at telling someone I’m slowing down and can’t take care of everything anymore, not even my husband.  He did like 4 loads of laundry and emptied all the trash containers in the entire house!

If I stand for too long my belly just gets tired and my back starts aching.  And bending over makes me really winded.  If the baby is moving and I’m walking at the same time, ARGH…my belly just feels so tired.  So taking very frequent sit down breaks is my world now.  I’m not complaining at all.  It just is my reason for falling behind on my household chores.  But thankfully, I am blessed with a great man who totally took care of the situation!!  Pretty awesome!

Baby Room Painting: Seaspray Won!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

I taped all the paint cards up on the wall yesterday and “seaspray” won the baby room color contest.  At least that means I don’t have to labor over putting up tape for stripes!  Even in the morning light it wins.  The color is very, very subtle and the only way you really notice there is a hint of green is if you put it next to something actually white.  It should work really well no matter which gender kiddo we have.

Last evening Dave and I began working to consolidate our two desks into one here in the office/baby room.  We’ll be sharing my mother’s old roll top desk.  I’ve also got two big, tall wooden shelves that my father made back in maybe the late 70s.  Dave & I will share one for our office & craft supplies and then the other one will be for baby supplies.  We only have two closets in the whole house so storage space is at a premium here.

I wish I could describe how we’re dividing this room up into baby space and office space.  My mom came up with the floor plan while she was visiting.

Curtains still need to be figured out and made too.  This is the hottest room in the house during summer because the south sun just beams in here, even through the roller shades.  Replacing the windows eventually will help, but in the meantime curtains with heft to them will also help considerably.

Oh, and last night I showed Dave the paint cards to get his input too.  And sure enough he said of the paint cards that were sampling my idea of two shades of pale stripes that he couldn’t see a difference.  I laughed and then proceeded to show him what I’d written here on the blog yesterday about how he’d say exactly that phrase.  Impressively, he was able to pick “Seaspray” from amongst the four other paint cards though.

Pregnancy Update: Middle of Week 27

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

A few weeks into the third trimester and everything is still going wonderfully.  Baby is active and my belly stills seems to grow daily.

I have to laugh at TV shows that have the third trimester pregnant gal eating hordes of food because, with me, there is just no room in there for an enormous meal and a kicking baby.  The other day this show had a pregnant woman say, “stop me if I order three entrees”.  Yeah, right!  I’ve discovered that eating like 6 tiny servings of different things throughout the day is about all I can muster without feeling overwhelmingly full and borderline sick.

Bending over for any length of time is harder now, but no big deal.  Sitting hunched is out of the question or I can’t breathe, but again no big deal.  And I’m not having any problems sleeping yet.

So I’m relishing in this time before my belly is just enormous and it is really nasty hot outside.

I’ve got my next appointment with the midwife on May 6th, which is also the date for my glucose test to make sure I haven’t developed gestational diabetes.  I’m keeping a positive attitude and praying like crazy everything is okay in that department.

God willing, only 10-13 weeks left to go and we’ll have a wonderful baby to hold in our arms.  I’m getting more and more excited to meet this little person.  Not knowing the gender is really interesting.  Everyone I’ve known recently finds out the gender so you know for a long time ahead of time at least what gender to expect.  We’re getting the full surprise.  And I really don’t have any internal maternal instinct pushing me one way or another.

Baby Room Painting

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

I have a severe case of undecidedness in regards to the paint color for the baby’s room.  At least until we have more than one child, the baby room will double as an office, so I can’t be silly about picking some colors I might have otherwise chosen.

I was planning to do big stripes of two shades of off white/beige like colors.  Then standing there in front of all those paint cards at the hardware store got me thinking about other options.  So I ended up coming home with maybe 20 paint cards.

I’m actually considering a color called Seaspray which hints toward the green family.  It is VERY pale, but is also relaxing.  Initially trying to think through pairing a green tinted paint with pinks, if we have a girl seemed off, but now I’m kind of coming around to the idea.  I know I’ve seen shades of green successfully matched with shades of pinks.  And blues if we have a boy would not be a problem at all.

Stripes are kind of a pain to paint so this new idea might actually save us some time & effort.

If we were to do the stripes, I found two cards next to each other called Puffball and Mission.  Who could resist a color called Puffball for a baby room?  They are just two very similar shades of very pale tan.  But Seaspray might win the day.  I still have to show them to Dave; who will of course ask if there is actually a difference between Puffball & Mission and will offer no real opinion in regards to the Seaspray color.  But I’ll have involved him in the process.

Lots of Thank You Notes to Write

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

My mom sent me this list of everyone’s gifts from the baby shower we had back in IL over Easter.  All the gifts got mixed up trying to pile everything into the car for the trip back here.  I have the list now, on pretty paper so I can put it in the baby’s scrapbook too, and can begin working on thank you notes.  We really got some awesome gifts from people.  I’m tremendously blessed with lots of loving aunts, great aunts, cousins, sisters-in-laws and friends who might as well be sisters.

And my mom has already made some beautifully sewn items for the baby such as bibs, receiving blankets & a few clothing items.  Not to mention the baby equipment my parents have already purchased.  I think the baby “travel system” (car seat & stroller) they bought has got to be the absolute “Cadillac” of traveling systems.  Those things have every bell & whistle I could have imagined.

So this evening I might work on that project so that we can buy stamps and pop them off in the mail tomorrow.

Big Errand Running Day

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

I had 10 places on my list of places to go today and made it to 8.  I missed Bible Study and didn’t drop off my already late library books.  But I made it to Walgreens, CVS, the butcher, Shop n Shop (grocery store), Big Y (another grocery store), Target, Family Dollar and lunch with my dear hubbie.  I had this long list of stuff I needed so I scoured the ads and found everything we needed, but it just required some running.  Thankfully, everything was kind of centrally located so the gas expense of hitting up 8 different places wasn’t too bad.

You know what really burns me is fine print in advertising.  Today there was a sale on cat litter at one of the above listed places…a really good sale.  And it said that if I purchased cat littler I could earn a $5 gift card too.  Well, AFTER I was completely rung up at the cashier, I asked about the card and found out you have to buy TWO boxes of cat litter at one time in order to qualify for the $5 gift card.  Good grief, did they really have to put that in fine print?  I totally would have purchased 2 boxes.  The deal was good and who doesn’t like getting free money to spend.  So instead of the sign saying in big print that you can get $5 gift card if you buy this $11 35lb box of name brand cat litter, why couldn’t it have said earn a $5 gift card if you purchase 2 boxes for $22?  Easy peasy…but NO they have to put the detail in fine print.  GRRR!  I was too tired to return the box I had, go get 2 more boxes and go through the line again so the fine print won.

I’m working on a “price book” for myself.  I’m tracking the unit price of items we commonly purchase so that I can tell if a sale is actually good or if I’m just being suckered.  For example, today I purchased a big bottle of Pantene shampoo and a conditioner for $5.49 each and had a $3 coupon.  I’ll work out the cost per ounce so that from now on I can figure out if a Pantene sale is good or not using the price I got on it this time.  I’m just doing this with commonly purchased items for our household.  It will be interesting if I can eventually track sale cycles and know when to stock up on items.  I’m not overly anal-retentive or anything, I just sometimes really wonder if certain sales like “buy one get one” are legitimately a good deal or an advertising scam.

My Belly is Actually Tired

Monday, April 20th, 2009

The third trimester is here!  And my belly is getting pretty huge as is the little baby who keeps doing gymnastics inside it.  Today I’m just pooped.  I even took 2 naps.  This might sound weird, but my belly is actually tired.

I can really tell the baby is putting on some size because I can see kicks and movement now externally, not just feel it.  I always wonder what body part is pushing outward, but I can’t tell that yet.  I can tell when the baby is doing total and complete somersaults though.  There is this huge flip and flop feeling inside that is rather indescribable.

So because of my belly being so tired today, my major accomplishments…I folded & put away two loads of laundry and cleaned the bathroom.

We had roast, potatoes, carrots & onions last night for dinner so there are leftovers!  Yeah, hardly any cooking for me this evening.  I’m going to mince the beef and all the veggies to make kind of a roast hash of sorts and serve that with a salad.  I like being able to turn leftovers from one meal into something that tastes and looks different from the original.

Lots to Write About…Just Not Now

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

So I’ve got to write about a visit from my mom, our visit to IL, a tremendously awesome baby shower, and generally a bunch of other stuff that’s been going on.  But I’m busy through to Monday.  Maybe Dave will take some time this weekend to upload some of the pictures from the trip out to IL though.  In the meantime, I hope everyone is well!!

Hopefully Dave is in the Clear

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Dave’s doctor said that he thinks Dave is going to be okay and hopefully will not develop Lyme Disease.  He had several reasons for thinking this, but also said to be on the watch for a few specific potential symptoms for the next 30 days.


On a humorous note,  Dave got to be his doctor’s first tick bite patient of the season!

Prayer Request

Monday, April 6th, 2009

This morning I found a tick on Dave.  Not any ordinary tick either, but a deer tick…you know the kind that carry Lyme Disease.  He was in the woods Saturday so the tick has had 2 days to hang out and potentially infect him.  He already had a ring around the sight, which is one of the first signs.  He’s of course following up with his doctor first thing this morning.  The doctor will probably put him on a 30 day course of antibiotics.

So please pray that Dave not only does not get Lyme Disease, but also that he gets none of the rather annoying symptoms.