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12 Days Left in the First Trimester!

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Wow!  Only 12 days left of my first trimester!  I’m pretty excited about that.  Thus far, pregnancy agrees with me and I’m still feeling pretty awesome, aside from being pretty frequently tired.

It is really neat to think that this is our last New Year’s Eve by ourselves.  Next year, we’ll have a little baby, yeah!


Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!  We both pray you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas.

Tired & Dave’s Real Birthday

Friday, December 19th, 2008

I’m tired.  The first trimester tireds have hit me hard.  No morning sickness, just tired.  I slept like 10 hours last night and am tired already.  And it is a weird tired.  I don’t feel like I could necessarily fall asleep, it’s like I need to just lay down and sit still.

Today is also Dave’s 40th birthday.  And he’s on cloud nine because we are supposed to get tons of snow this afternoon and overnight.  I’m baking him a cake, fixing enchiladas (one of his favorites) and have a few little presents to give him this evening.   One of the books I bought him is still not here, but I’m hopeful that it will arrive with this afternoon’s mail.

The enchiladas I make are pretty easy.  I brown hamburger and a small onion, pour in one can of enchilada sauce (yellow can, forgot the brand).  Then I layer small corn tortillas on the bottom of a 9×12 baking pan, put on a layer of the meat sauce, a layer of Mexican cheeses, layer of corn tortillas and repeat.  Then I pour another whole can of enchilada sauce over the whole thing and top with a layer of cheese.  Bake until the top is golden brown (or darker) and very yummy.  I use to actually roll the meat sauce in the corn tortillas, but then it dawned on me that turning it into a lasagna of sorts was easier and tastes exactly the same.  And Dave loves it.  I usually use the hot enchilada sauce and several jalapenos in the meat mixture too.

Behind on Blogging

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Okay, so I took a little time off from blogging.  At first, it was on purpose because I was busy putting together a surprise 40th birthday party for my dear hubbie.  Well, then I just got generally behind and I’ve got lots to blog about too.  But, today isn’t the day to get caught up, maybe tomorrow because we are supposed to get 10+ inches of snow and I might take part of the day to blog a bunch of stuff.

In the meantime, Dave updated the photos link over to your right (Our Photo Gallery).  He’d gotten stuck at August for a long time, but now it is up-to-date through December.

Today, I must get to the grocery store so I don’t have to go out at all tomorrow during the snowstorm.  Not that I have issues driving in snow, I just believe that the fewer cars there are on the roads the faster and more safely snow can be removed by the plow guys.  And since I’m a lucky stay-at-homer…that’s where I will remain tomorrow!  Oh, and Dave might come home early tomorrow so he doesn’t have to drive through the worst of it in the afternoon!!!  Yeah!

Also today, I need to hit the butcher shop, post office and bank.  I’ve got to get my family’s Christmas presents in the mail today so they will hopefully get them before Christmas.  And I finally finished my Christmas cards last night.  I really was wondering if I was even going to get to them this year, but I did.  I cheated on a huge percentage of them and purchased cards.  I’ve been trying to make most of my Christmas cards for the last few years, but there is always a percentage of folks that end up getting purchased cards from me.  And I was totally lame about not writing much in the cards too and didn’t even bother putting together a newsletter of any sort.  So a whole bunch of people are going to get a card that says:  Love, Dave, Andrea & baby due 7/27/09.  Rather rude to surprise baby news on extended relations & old friends like that, but my excuse is that I’ve been tired.

Well, I hope the sonogram picture below is fixed for everyone now.  My beloved computer guy hubbie knew what I did wrong and why it wasn’t showing up for folks that use Internet Exploder.  I’m telling you, if you use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer try Firefox instead.  Dave made me a convert.  Maybe I’ll put a link here for Firefox tomorrow, it’s free and way easier to use.

Our Baby!!

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Mostly At Home Today

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

So today I need to finish getting caught up with unpacking and laundry from our trip.  Mount Dirty Laundry that once was our hamper needs to be emptied before it takes over the bedroom.

I slept nine hours last night and have only been up an hour, yet I find that I could easily go back to sleep.  A nap might just be in the plans today.  Yesterday I was reading that our little one is the size of a raspberry this week and working his/her way up to blueberry by next week.  Well, little raspberry is thankfully not making me have morning sickness, but is making me awfully tired today.

Last night, I made the chocolate chip cookie recipe from the back of the Hershey’s morsels bag and they were pretty awesome.  I’d become bored with the Toll House recipe so it was good to try a different one.  The ingredients seemed either identical or awfully close, but somehow they turned out tasting better than the other recipe.  Could have been the 1/4 cup of cocoa powder I put in the dough at the very end too…

Okay, I’m tired.  Must go get load of laundry in washer before falling asleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Our Trip Out to Illinois

Monday, December 1st, 2008


Dave & I left on Friday the 21st for Illinois to spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family.  Friday’s drive was sooooooo long.  We hit snow in the PA mountains and then eastern OH.  So that added 2 hours to our drive that day.  Saturday’s drive was extended an extra hour because of heavy traffic.  Finally, we got there around 4:30.  Corralling my parents in one room after we arrived to tell them our news (see post below) proved really hard.  My mother flits around like a hummingbird sometimes and then once we got mom in the room, my dad took off.  So finally we got to tell them and they were extremely excited.  It was funny though because my mom seemed like she expected it.  She said that she was hoping we’d have baby news this trip.

I got to see my 7 month old niece!!  Oh, she’s beautiful.  It was so wonderful to get to see her and hold her finally.  And she’s got spectacular parents!  Her big sister is totally great.  Those two girls totally have my parent’s wrapped around their little fingers.  My mother has purchased more toys and things that I never in a million years would have conceived of her ever buying.  It is so funny.  If it lights up and makes noise the woman has purchased it.  For perspective…heck would have experienced an ice age before my mother would have purchased those things for my brother or I as children.  She’s even purchased a musical training toilet for my older niece.  It actually makes a triumphant music noise when the sensors feel warmth from waste being deposited.

On Sunday , after church, Dave & I went to the John Deere Pavillion in Moline, IL.  Dave got his tractor fix! We came home in time to see my brother’s family again!  I got to spend more time with my nieces.  Monday we drove down to Argenta to see a dear friend and her family.  What a blast it was telling her about being pregnant!!!

Tuesday I went in to see all my old friends where I use to work.  They are experiencing a huge change in the coming months so it was good to see everyone together, probably for the last time for me.  Then we met dear friends for lunch.  After lunch, we drove to the two cemeteries where my Grandmothers who died this year are buried.  My mother’s mom is buried in a National Cemetery because my grandfather served in WWII.  My dad’s mom is buried in a public cemetery with her husband and her parents nearby.  Then we met the same friends for dinner so I could spend some more time with them.  We had a fantastic fried chicken dinner and some awesome chatting time.  Boy, I miss my friends back there so much.  There is never enough time to spend with them when we are back visiting.

Wednesday & Thanksgiving Day we spent mostly at my parent’s house spending time with them and extended family that were able to come.  We had a great Thanksgiving feast and a really nice time visiting with everyone.  Another friend of mine stopped by later in the evening with her two children.  I hadn’t seen her since our wedding so that was great.  And her children have grown so much, it is amazing what two years does to children.

Friday we had to pack up and leave.  It is always sad to have to leave.  But the trip home was made even better because we were able to stop in Ohio to see my dad’s sister and two of my cousins.  It has been FOREVER since I’ve been in a sit down and chat situation with those folks.  So we sat and talked for a couple of hours which was absolutely wonderful.  When Dave & I are zipping out to IL in the future we’ll make plans to some how meet up with as many of the Ohio family as we can.   Our path doesn’t go directly past any of their homes, but close enough that we could easily meet up for a meal together some where along the way.

So all in all, we had a really nice trip.  I got to see lots of family & friends, none of them nearly long enough, but I got to spend time with them nevertheless.  And we had our own very, very awesome news to bring to everyone.

Lots to be thankful for this year!!


Monday, December 1st, 2008

We are expecting our first baby July, 2009!!!

I’ve been wanting to update our blog with our news, but it couldn’t be done until after some keys family members had been told in person (namely our parents).

I think it is a pretty interesting story (with an awesome ending), so I’ll repeat it here even though I’ve pretty much told everyone that reads this blog already.

So November 14th, we had an appointment with our reproductive endocrinologist (he’s mentioned a few times in other posts).  He told us that my one centimeter-sized polyp located on the lining of my uterus had to be removed or I was not going to get pregnant.  He also said that I would have to take contraceptive pills for the several weeks leading up to the surgery in order to thin the lining of my uterus to make removing the polyp easier.  When I balked at taking The Pill, because it utterly goes against our decision to follow our faith values, he actually said, “well, I could call it something else if you want me too.” EEK!!…

So the appointment didn’t get any better when Dave & I really questioned the importance of removing this polyp and were unwilling to make the decision right there in front of him, but said repeatedly that we would have to discuss it first.  Then he proceeded to say, “you do your research to find a doctor you can trust.  And then, you do as you are told.” Oh, good golly…

Oh, and he declared definitively that I have PCOS (hmmm, and yet I don’t have symptoms traditionally associated with PCOS except for one, being heavy), hypothyroidism (which my midwife discovered) and this one centimeter sized polyp which he said WILL make it impossible for a baby to implant in my uterus (unless of course he removes it).

We told the doctor I was late and my temps were still elevated.  But he made it very clear that I couldn’t be pregnant, didn’t offer to even contemplate a quick pregnancy test and then proceeded to leave us in the incapable hands of a medical student to discuss further the surgery.  Said medical student then proceeded to explain that during the surgery the polyp would be snipped away and then they would conduct a D&C to scrap away additional uterine lining for analysis and just to make sure they got the whole polyp.

Dave & I left in what I guess could be considered a fog of dismay.  That doctor was so utterly and completely disrespectful of our faith values and was so mean about making awful assumptions based on our being overweight.    So enough of dippy doctor dude.

The next day, Saturday, I awoke with a still elevated temperature and now eight days late.  After about an hour of indecision, Dave finally convinced me to do a pregnancy test.  I think at that time I had actually become afraid of pregnancy tests.  We had used many over the course of two years and none of them had happy endings.  Plus, I was still down about the meeting with dippy doctor the day before.  But Dave prevailed.  I used the test and brought it into our computer room (aka baby’s future room), set it on the desk and we sat casually glancing down waiting for “Not Pregnant or Pregnant” to show up on the digital results screen.   Suddenly the word Pregnant appeared!  I was in shock, a little, I think.  Dave was too, and then he jokingly said, “where’s the Not?”  What an awesome moment in our lives!!  No matter what happens to my mental faculties later in life, I hope I will always remember the moment I found out God graced us with this new life.

So the whole while that we were sitting in dippy doctor’s office the day before I was PREGNANT!!  God is awesome!

Monday morning I called that doctor’s office and asked that all the blood test results and such be sent over to my midwife’s office and asked that they cancel the surgery (which we’d never actually agreed to do yet anyway).  I called the midwife who thankfully took mercy upon my soul and saw me for 15 minutes in the early afternoon.  The doctor had gotten me freaked out about the polyp and my newly pregnant brain was inventing all sorts of ways it was going to cause problems for a baby.  She had blood drawn to conduct an HCG hormone level test and ordered another to be conducted two days later.  My levels more than doubled…exactly like they were supposed too.  So the midwife was comfortable saying things looked pretty good.  WHEW!

So here we are 7 weeks 2 days pregnant!  I’m not experiencing any morning sickness yet.  The past couple of days I’ve been slightly tired and about once a night I have indigestion/heartburn issues.  But aside from that I feel pretty great.  I don’t “feel pregnant”, or really any different physically and that scares me because my brain can make all sorts of stuff up when unoccupied. i realize I need to just be grateful that I’m still feeling well, but still…  Oh, and I’ve noticed that thinking about some foods can make me slightly grossed out.  And certain textures like a ripe banana and a glob of mayo in a sandwich can turn me off eating immediately.

Since I was desperately interested in finding anything I could about what it felt like being pregnant in the early days and I couldn’t find any non-generic answers, I will be blogging about that topic frequently.  So if ya don’t like reading about such stuff…tough…who knows how many times I get to do this pregnancy thing (which thus far is pretty totally awesome) so I’m going to talk about it and write about it lots!!

Just reading & imagining about the raspberry-sized little person developing inside me right now, whose heart is actually beating already, is so incredible.