April, 2010

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It Is Only a Tiny Rosebud

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

It is only a tiny rosebud,
A flower of God’s design;
But I cannot unfold the petals
With these clumsy hands of mine.

The secret of unfolding flowers
Is not known to such as
GOD opens this flower so sweetly,
When in my hands they fade and die.

If I cannot unfold a rosebud,
This flower of God’s design,
Then how can I think I have wisdom
To unfold this life of mine?

So I’ll trust in Him for His leading
Each moment of every day.
I will look to him for His guidance
Each step of the pilgrim way.

The pathway that lies before me,
Only my Heavenly Father knows.

I’ll trust Him to unfold the moments,
Just as He unfolds the rose.

-Bryan T. Burgess

A Quote to Remember

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~St. Augustine

I love this quote. Someday I would like to stencil it on a wall in our dining room.

I Took His Hand and Followed

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

I Took His Hand and Followed
Mrs. Roy L. Peifer

My dishes went unwashed today,

I didn’t make the bed,

I took his hand and followed

Where his eager footsteps led.

Oh yes, we went adventuring,

My little son and I…

Exploring all the great outdoors

Beneath the summer sky

We waded in a crystal stream,

We wandered through a wood…

My kitchen wasn’t swept today

But life was gay and good.

We found a cool, sun-dappled glade

And now my small son knows

How Mother Bunny hides her nest,

Where jack-in-the-pulpit grows.

We watched a robin feed her young,

We climbed a sunlit hill…

Saw cloud-sheep scamper through the sky,

We plucked a daffodil.

That my house was neglected,

That I didn’t brush the stairs,

In twenty years, no one on earth

Will know, or even care.

But that I’ve helped my little boy

To noble manhood grow,

In twenty years, the whole wide world

May look and see and know.

St. Clare Hymn (unknown author)

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Sung to the tune of “Joyful, Joyful”

With the saints and lights of heaven

Lady Clare beams radiantly;

joined in marriage with her chosen,

welcomed to eternity.

Clare is noble, source of riches,

brilliant works her legacy.

Ever imitating Francis,

earthly power, she deny.

in a cloister, poor and humble,

Clare, espoused to Christ alone,

was to all a perfect model,

mirror to her God enthroned.

Fruitful, founder to her daughters,

she was teacher, gentle, kind.

Clare led many to the Savior

by her holy strength of mind.

Christ was central in the heart and

daily life of Lady Clare,

She embraced the cross of Christ in

order to its glory share.

How she clothed herself in virtue!

Every sister she impressed.

Those outside San Damiano

recognized her holiness.

Heavenly vision on her deathbed:

Virgins in procession came;

to the realms of light ascended

Clare, now blest among the same.

“Luce claret vocitate!”

Lady Clare in heav’n is crowned.

And the Churhc on earth has gained a

flower brilliant and renowned.

Sleeping Babe

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

John is napping on our bed, has been for an hour.  He’s such a terrific baby.  So sweet, quick to smile, happy, rarely fussy and never fussy without a purpose, be it because he’s sleepy or hungry.  And he’s so beautiful.  I know you aren’t supposed to say a baby boy is beautiful, nor is his own mama supposed to say such things, but he really is a beautiful little guy.  He’s got such wonderful bright blue eyes too.  God really did give us a miracle when He gave us John.

And everyday I pray I don’t mess up raising him.  I know a parent can’t be perfect, but I sure would like to not mess up too badly.  I pray daily for God’s grace to know what to do, how to do it and how best to be what John needs to be a healthy, vibrant, kind, caring person.

Today we are headed out early to have lunch with Dave and visit with Dave’s co-workers.  They haven’t seen him in several months and he certainly has changed a lot!  He’s grown and developed so much since they’ve seen him.  He can crawl now.  He wants to walk so badly though.  He crawls a short distance, then tries to stand getting his legs straight but not knowing what to do next.  Then he goes back to crawling or scooting.

My Quotable Kid: A Parents’ Journal of Unforgettable Quotes

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

This journal looks like such a great idea.  I always remember my mom and my aunts talking about all of the things we kids use to say when we were small.  I’d love to keep track of those things once John starts talking.  Boy, I’d love to write down some of the stuff he says now, but it is total gibberish and so, so cute.  Last evening at dinner Dave & I could have sworn he was talking like an Ewok from Star Wars.

The company that sells this journal is Chronicle Books and it looks like they’ve got all sorts of neat books, especially for gift ideas.

Herb Savor Pod

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Another very neat invention!  This one will save herbs in the fridge from going bad for up to 3 weeks.  I’m always buying (and wasting) especially parsley.  This herb savor pod is a very cool idea.  The company, Prepara, looks to have lots of other neat gadgets too.

Hinge-It Towel Rack

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

My bathroom is small and the wall space to hang towel racks is extremely limited.  I ran across this handy little idea the other day and think it might give us a place to hang John’s towel and guest towels.

Bedside Organizer

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

This goes in the items to think about making/buying category.  Instead of keeping random pieces of paper floating around the house, I’ve been trying to use this blog as my organizer for ideas.  This is a neat little item, bedside organizer, and it even holds a box of tissues!

Tomorrow John is 8 Months Old

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Our beautiful babe is getting so big.  He’s scooting around on the floor, just about crawling.  He can pull himself up to standing against just about anything.  He’s got one tooth poking through and another working it’s way up.  He’s eating like a champ.  Loves yogurt, especially vanilla yogurt.  And is the most wonderful little baby boy.