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Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Dave collects and has a private library of maps.  He owns a website called Broer Map Library where he has maps he’s scanned available to the public online.  It is because of this that we have about 35,000 flat sheets of maps in our home and my in-law’s home.  Our goal is to obtain a large format scanner so tat we can scan all these maps and others as we come across them and make them available online for everyone.  Large format scanners are very expensive brand new and much cheaper used, but come with their own set of problems.

Until a large format scanner is obtained, we have thousands of less than useful maps that we have decided to “recycle”.  This morning I’ve begun bundling 6 random maps into a roll and tying a string around the roll.  Eventually, I plan to “fancy” these up with craft paper, twine and a cute label so that I can potentially find specialty retailers willing to sell them for wrapping paper and other crafts.  But firstly, as an experiment to determine the usefulness of this whole idea.  This weekend we are going to sell “pre-fancied” rolls at my mother-in-law’s church yard sale.  I’m going to sell individual sheets for $1 and rolled sets of 6 for $5 and see how things go.