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Monday, December 6th, 2010

I wrote that we were going to do a better job celebrating feast days.  I’ve failed utterly.

We got back from a long Thanksgiving vacation when it was already 2nd Sunday of Advent.  I missed my big opportunity to start out the new Church year with a bang celebrating Advent.  Yes, I still technically have time, but I’m bummed and disappointed in myself for not being better organized.  I’m such an all or nothing person.  My desire is to do it well and big or not at all.  And thus I’m mad at myself for not being better prepared and even trying to “do Advent” while out on our vacation.

Considering we really want to raise John in a Catholic environment at home and church, I’m doing a blah job of things thus far.

By the way, we had a really nice vacation and it was great to see everyone we got to see.  I am very thankful for a safe trip and awesome family and friends.

God Bless!