October, 2012

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Fairwell, Gallbladder

Friday, October 12th, 2012

I have joined the ranks of the gallbladder-less.  I had to have mine removed in rather an emergent sort of way on September 29 early in the morning.

Since Jan of 2011, I’ve suffered occasional “gallbladder attacks”, but I had the king daddy whopper gallbladder attack on the evening of the 27th.  It started at 8:30PM and by 5AM the next morning, I had neither slept nor did I have any pain relief so I told my husband and son we needed to head to the emergency room.  By that time, I was also vomiting from pain and the huge amounts of bile dumping into my stomach.

I really love our little hospital.  There is something to be said for big hospitals…say, when you have a major trauma, but for getting in and being seen in an emergency room for something “small” like a gallbladder; I’d go with our little hospital any day.  I had a morphine like drug and anti-nausea meds coursing through my veins within 25 minutes of arriving in the hospital.

The next 50 or so hours are VERY sketchy, but I had an ultrasound, was told I was being admitted and then told I was having surgery.

Everything turned out fantastically.  The surgeon said my gallbladder was nasty and infected, but it is gone and the incisions are healing really well.

No more mean ol’ nasty gallbladder giving me fits!!!