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Just a Few Posts Ago…

Monday, December 6th, 2010

I wrote that we were going to do a better job celebrating feast days.  I’ve failed utterly.

We got back from a long Thanksgiving vacation when it was already 2nd Sunday of Advent.  I missed my big opportunity to start out the new Church year with a bang celebrating Advent.  Yes, I still technically have time, but I’m bummed and disappointed in myself for not being better organized.  I’m such an all or nothing person.  My desire is to do it well and big or not at all.  And thus I’m mad at myself for not being better prepared and even trying to “do Advent” while out on our vacation.

Considering we really want to raise John in a Catholic environment at home and church, I’m doing a blah job of things thus far.

By the way, we had a really nice vacation and it was great to see everyone we got to see.  I am very thankful for a safe trip and awesome family and friends.

God Bless!

Our Trip Out to Illinois

Monday, December 1st, 2008


Dave & I left on Friday the 21st for Illinois to spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family.  Friday’s drive was sooooooo long.  We hit snow in the PA mountains and then eastern OH.  So that added 2 hours to our drive that day.  Saturday’s drive was extended an extra hour because of heavy traffic.  Finally, we got there around 4:30.  Corralling my parents in one room after we arrived to tell them our news (see post below) proved really hard.  My mother flits around like a hummingbird sometimes and then once we got mom in the room, my dad took off.  So finally we got to tell them and they were extremely excited.  It was funny though because my mom seemed like she expected it.  She said that she was hoping we’d have baby news this trip.

I got to see my 7 month old niece!!  Oh, she’s beautiful.  It was so wonderful to get to see her and hold her finally.  And she’s got spectacular parents!  Her big sister is totally great.  Those two girls totally have my parent’s wrapped around their little fingers.  My mother has purchased more toys and things that I never in a million years would have conceived of her ever buying.  It is so funny.  If it lights up and makes noise the woman has purchased it.  For perspective…heck would have experienced an ice age before my mother would have purchased those things for my brother or I as children.  She’s even purchased a musical training toilet for my older niece.  It actually makes a triumphant music noise when the sensors feel warmth from waste being deposited.

On Sunday , after church, Dave & I went to the John Deere Pavillion in Moline, IL.  Dave got his tractor fix! We came home in time to see my brother’s family again!  I got to spend more time with my nieces.  Monday we drove down to Argenta to see a dear friend and her family.  What a blast it was telling her about being pregnant!!!

Tuesday I went in to see all my old friends where I use to work.  They are experiencing a huge change in the coming months so it was good to see everyone together, probably for the last time for me.  Then we met dear friends for lunch.  After lunch, we drove to the two cemeteries where my Grandmothers who died this year are buried.  My mother’s mom is buried in a National Cemetery because my grandfather served in WWII.  My dad’s mom is buried in a public cemetery with her husband and her parents nearby.  Then we met the same friends for dinner so I could spend some more time with them.  We had a fantastic fried chicken dinner and some awesome chatting time.  Boy, I miss my friends back there so much.  There is never enough time to spend with them when we are back visiting.

Wednesday & Thanksgiving Day we spent mostly at my parent’s house spending time with them and extended family that were able to come.  We had a great Thanksgiving feast and a really nice time visiting with everyone.  Another friend of mine stopped by later in the evening with her two children.  I hadn’t seen her since our wedding so that was great.  And her children have grown so much, it is amazing what two years does to children.

Friday we had to pack up and leave.  It is always sad to have to leave.  But the trip home was made even better because we were able to stop in Ohio to see my dad’s sister and two of my cousins.  It has been FOREVER since I’ve been in a sit down and chat situation with those folks.  So we sat and talked for a couple of hours which was absolutely wonderful.  When Dave & I are zipping out to IL in the future we’ll make plans to some how meet up with as many of the Ohio family as we can.   Our path doesn’t go directly past any of their homes, but close enough that we could easily meet up for a meal together some where along the way.

So all in all, we had a really nice trip.  I got to see lots of family & friends, none of them nearly long enough, but I got to spend time with them nevertheless.  And we had our own very, very awesome news to bring to everyone.

Lots to be thankful for this year!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Okay, so it is a little early yet, but in a few days Dave & I are leaving to visit with my family for Thanksgiving.  I can’t wait to get back to IL and see my family and friends.  There is a new neice I still haven’t seen and I’m dying to hold her.  And my older niece (who will turn 3 soon) must have grow a ton since I last saw her too.  Oh, and my friend’s kids are probably all giants by now too.  Argh, I miss everyone back there so much sometimes.  I can’t complain too much though as I’ve got the bestest husband, a wonderful home, new family and some new friends here.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  May you all be blessed to spend time with your favorite people around you. And may you also be able to look back on this past year and have much to be thankful for.


Friday, November 23rd, 2007

We had a really awesome Thanksgiving; even though both Dave & I were sick. My voice was absolutely zapped so I sounded like Minnie Mouse all day. My brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their baby were also sick, but none of us any worse than a nasty cough.

Dave’s mom made a great feast for the seven of us present. We had a marvelous turkey, chestnut & sausage stuffing, kale, butternut squash, creamed onions, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, biscuits, gravy, ambrosia, pumpkin pie and apple pie. And we brought home some great leftovers too.

After dinner we took a drive down to New Haven to drop our sister-in-law off so she could travel back home for work today. I felt sorry for her having to work the day after Thanksgiving, bummer. When we got back, we had dessert and came home because by then our colds had gotten the better of us.

Today we are doing some much needed household & yard projects. Dave got his new snow blower delivered this morning. It is poised in the garage awaiting a great snowfall.

Thanksgiving Family Recipes

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

This morning, I’m headed over to my mother-in-law’s house to learn how to make a couple of Dave’s family’s recipes. I’m pretty sure the Chestnut & Sausage Stuffing is New England fare, but the kale made with onion, kielbasa, oatmeal dish is Northern German.

My family isn’t much of what I might call “food traditionalists”. No real secret family recipes or food traditions except for maybe Christmas. My parent’s use to order half-cooked pizzas from our favorite pizza place (which has since closed) on Christmas Eve so we could cook them “fresh” for dinner Christmas Day. Thanksgiving has frequently meant anything but turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pies. From what I remember neither of my Grandmother’s are (or ever were) much for special family recipes either. I suppose that isn’t entirely strange though. Spending all that time cooking probably doesn’t appeal to a lot of families these days.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY desire to get into to all those food traditions. I want there to be special HOMEMADE recipes that only get fixed maybe twice a year and everyone loves. None of this stuffing from a box, mashed potatoes from a box, pie from a box and pre-prepared turkeys. Now I just need to master these culinary art forms! I already make a pretty yummy mashed potato and I’ve made one or two decent turkeys. Oh, and I’m getting the hang of homemade gravy too. So I’m looking forward to learning a couple of new (to me) traditional family recipes today.

One thing I wish one of my Grandmother’s had been good at and shown me how to make is a biscuit. Biscuits and I mean great biscuits are rare and I certainly can’t make them. Bisquick just doesn’t cut it. A nice buttery, flakey melt in your mouth biscuit is what I want to learn to make. I need to find a nice old Southern grandma to teach me biscuit making!