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Trying to Have More Kids

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Well, as you can guess, John is two and we don’t have anymore kiddos yet or even on the way.  My midwife put me back on glucophage like I was on when I got pregnant with John.  We’re trying to create the same set-up as before so that maybe God will grace us with more children.  So we’d love any prayers anyone would offer up for us.  Thank you!

My Experience Feeding John Solids

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I waited to feed John any solids until he was 6 months.  As recommended by several books and my pediatrician, I started with bananas then sweet potatoes.  I was told to offer each new food for three days before adding a new food item in case John showed signs of an allergy to anything.  Thankfully, allergies have not proven to be a problem.  It did however take a full month of offering him food at multiple opportunities everyday before he finally ate what I would consider a meal.  He ate literally no more than a teaspoon of food a day for a couple of weeks.  Then moved to about a tablespoon of food per day.  It was the day he turned 7 months (March 6) that he actually ate probably 2 ounces at each meal.  I found that surprising.

John is just now eating grains though.  Everyone said their baby took to infant rice cereal immediately.  Not John.  He refused anything I tried to disguise rice cereal in.  And it didn’t matter what consistency of cereal I tried either…he just did not go for that texture.  Finally within the past 2 days, I can get him to eat a very small amount of rice cereal (maybe a teaspoon) heavily hidden in pear sauce.  I just found that very interesting.

So every babe is different and takes to eating differently.  As long as they are either breastfeeding or taking several formula bottles everyday, it seems they still thrive even without much solid food.

Homemade Baby Food: Sweet Potatoes, Carrots & Pears

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I’ve been making more homemade baby foods for John.  With all three items (sweet potatoes, carrots and pears), I just boiled them in water, drained most of the water (saving some for thinning the puree as necessary), and zapped them in the food processor.  I put them in ice cube trays, froze them, and later placed the cubes in freezer bags.  I take out as many cubes as necessary for each of John’s meals.

Homemade Baby Food: The Project Begins

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Dave and I decided to make as much of John’s food here at home as we can.  So I started with bananas.  I waited until they were well ripened with more than just a couple of black specks.  I kind of just broke them in pieces before putting them in the food processor, added a bit of formula to make processor easier and just zapped them until they were totally liquefied.  As John becomes better with texture in his mouth I’ll decrease the amount I process foods.  I transferred the bananas to ice cube trays, froze them and then placed them in dated freezer bags,

I’ll post additional “recipes” for things as I make them ( and as I can).

Parenthood as a Way of Showing Your Character Flaws

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Hmmm, I’ve learned that parenthood sure can point out those glaring character flaws.  Ya know that old selfishness flaw, yeah apparently I have that in spades.  John has so nicely pointed it out.

During the night, John takes 3-3.5 ounces at almost every feeding and then sleeps 3 hours (an ounce an hour, right?).   In the middle of the night, I thought I’d try interesting him in an extra ounce so I could get maybe an extra hour of sleep.  Yeah, ah that ended in me wearing about 2 ounces of spit-up because the little guy’s belly doesn’t hold 4.5 ounces yet.  Selfishness.

And then there was the time he awoke at 10:30PM, way to early in my mind for a feeding so I repeatedly leaned over and put his pacifier in his mouth thinking I could get just a couple more minutes of sleep.   When I finally just gave up and got up at 11, I picked him up only to discover the poor guy had wet through his diaper, his clothes and his bedding.  Yeah, that didn’t make me feel like a heel or anything… Selfishness rearing it’s ugly head again.

So lesson hopefully learned.  When doing something for my own selfish convenience or desires, think again of John (or others…).

Blessings of a Baby with a Schedule!

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

So for John’s first 6 weeks Dave and I totally let John set the schedule.  In our minds there was no sense trying to impose a schedule on the little fellow being so new to the world and all.  The only thing we did was keep it dark at night and light during the day to help him get the feel for the fact that night time would be a great time to sleep.  We were really blessed in that John never had any long awake periods during the night.  He just woke frequently for feedings and would go right back to sleep.

After six weeks without a daytime schedule though and then three straight days when John didn’t take a nap longer than 15 minutes and having to hold him continuously I was starting to worry.  I called my dear friend Deborah who has six children and asked what on earth to do to help John get on a schedule.  Apparently, all I had to do was complain though because all of a sudden I started to see a pattern to John’s day.  We are now FOUR DAYS into an actually beginning of a schedule for our days!!  I’m feeling so human again, it’s amazing.

So Monday night and each night since John has gone to bed between 7:30-8:00PM, awakened around midnight for a feeding, around 2:30 for a feeding, around 5:30 for a feeding and then awakened for the morning between 7-7:45AM.  Then he’s taken a morning nap around 9-10:30 and another nap around 1-5PM.  Then been awake for the evening until his new bedtime.  Today is the first time I’ve been able to either lay him down by himself for a nap or not slept with him though.  If he stays asleep I might actually tend to a few household chores quietly downstairs!!!!!!!!

Dave and I wanted John to take the lead showing us his schedule and it worked!  And this week I’ve been able to do things to make sure he sticks to that schedule and it sure has made a difference in how I feel.  I’m feeling more rested and alert again.

John is Seven Weeks Old

Friday, September 25th, 2009
Our Sweet Little John

Our Sweet Little John

Wow!  Dave and I have had an amazing seven weeks with our little man.  John is such a joy.  And that picture above is 2 weeks old because he’s lost all his hair in the past two weeks and we now have a bald baby.  Funny thing is that his new hair is already starting to grow in.

He came into this world via an unexpected fashion (c-section) and we had some trouble in the beginning keeping weight on the little fellow.  He was born 9 lbs and 8 oz, but too quickly dropped to 8lbs.  Some weight disappears off newborns anyway, but his percentage was just too high.  We learned from a lactation consultant that he wasn’t able to nurse properly so I had to stop breastfeeding and go to pumping.  For the last 5 weeks I’ve been pumping and then supplementing what I’m unable to provide with formula.  And has John ever flourished!  He was 10lbs and 12oz at his one month appointment!  And I know for a fact the little guy has added beyond that now.  He even looks bigger to Dave and I, and we see him everyday.

I’m still not getting much accomplished aside from pumping, feeding, changing and hopefully nuturing John.  Hopefully the house doesn’t fall down around our ears, but I guess household chores must at some point become something I can do again someday.  Once he is on more of a schedule I think life will become more normalized again, I guess.

John is not sleeping through the night or anything yet.  He still awakens every 2-4 hours for feedings.  But even that is becoming almost predicable.  He awakens around midnight, around 3 and around 6 (which also means 11:30, 2, 4 and 6 are still possibilities too, hehehe).

Today I was putting on a little outfit one of my Great Aunts purchased for him that says “Caution I might spit up” and has a cute little bald baby pictured.  No joke, I was snapping the last snap and the caution came true.  It was like he knew how to read.

Dave will probably be adding photos here to the blog frequently.  So check out the pictures section at least once a month and you’ll get to see our little man as he grows.  He is such a fantastic little baby.  We are absolutely in awe of him continuously.

Introducing John Dayton!

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Our new son!

No Baby News, Yet. Sorry I’ve Been Gone Lately!

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

So I’ve been really bad about updating the blog lately due to fatigue and general impatience with a computer that was behaving slowly.  The computer is fine now, but I’m still fatigued so updates will probably remain pretty random until after the baby is born and things settle down.

In baby news, there really isn’t any.  Baby is doing great.  I’m still doing fine.  Due date is TOMORROW!!  I have been having contractions, but they are either far apart or stop after a couple of hours.   Let me put it this way, we’ll have a baby by August 9th because that is probably the last day my midwife would let me go past my due date.

Today Dave and I are actually taking a day at home to ourselves!!  Probably one of our last for a long time.  We’ve been busy running baby errands or generally getting ready for weeks now.  I think our work has paid off though and we’re pretty ready…or as ready as you can be for a first baby!

Prayers are totally appreciated these days.  Especially for a safe, natural and healthy delivery of a healthy, happy baby!

Almost Ready for Baby

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Dave and I “finished” shopping for baby things over the weekend.  We had some nice Target gift cards so we decided to just go and finish buying everything we could think of, that we knew we absolutely needed.  Other stuff, I’m sure, will come up once the baby is here though.  Today I’m finishing laundering all the new baby things we’ve received and purchased.  On Sunday, Dave finished sanding the dresser/changing table so that it can be painted this week.  The humidity has just been too high around here lately to attempt a painting job, but this week is warmer and less humid so we can maybe finish that task.

I had fun yesterday making the crib up.  We’ll only be using the crib for maybe naps while we’re also in the room using the computer.  For the first several months, the baby will be sleeping in a co-sleeper next to our bed.

Wednesday I’ve got my 37 week appointment with the midwife.  Then in the evening we’ve got another interview with a pediatrician and then a tour of the hospital’s maternity unit.  Big day!

I’m still feeling pretty good.  My lower back, pelvis and hips hurt like the dickens by evening and for most of the night, but those are expected aches & pains of being 9 months pregnant.  Dave’s doing an amazing job of keeping up on our laundry and helping around the house with chores.  He worked and worked for about 6 solid hours on Sunday in the yard and the house.  It is a blessing to have such a supportive husband.

We’ve really only got a few things left to do before the baby comes.

  • Finish and set-up the dresser/changing table
  • Finish baby laundry (which I’m doing today)
  • Pack my bag for the hospital
  • And generally have the house ready for us to go