April, 2007

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A Lovely, Albeit Quick, Trip to Peoria, IL

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Dave and I took a wonderful trip to Peoria this last weekend. It was my first trip back to Illinois since getting married and moving to Connecticut. The main purpose of the trip to go to my Grandma S’s 80th birthday celebration, but we squeezed in some time to visit a couple of other favorite folks too.

We left on Thursday afternoon and zipped through Connecticut, New York, and into Pennsylvania as far as Milesburg where we stayed overnight. We got up early and drove the rest of the way through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and made it to Illinois in time for dinner at my parent’s house. This trip we took highway 30 in Ohio to 24 in Fort Wayne and had good luck with that choice. The 2 lane roads were trying at times, but we were able to make good time anyway.

After dinner with my parent’s, Dave and I went to Bergner’s to spend some money we received from the wedding since there isn’t a Bergner’s here. I realized, once again, how wonderful a provider my fabulous hubbie is when I was wandering around trying desperately to find something I need to spend the rest of the money on the gift card. I am certainly blessed!

On Saturday morning we woke up early to have breakfast with my fabulous friend Jodi. We had a very nice visit and it was so great to see her. She gave me the sweetest little craft she’d made and a gift bag of different kinds of tea. It was a bummer to have to say good bye again, but we needed to be off to my Aunt P’s house for a visit with my Grandma B.