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JOY: My Word for the Year 2014

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Others in the blogging world have done this…picking a word for the year.  I thought it might be an interesting exercise and as soon as I thought this, a word popped into my head:  JOY!  I am not predicting my whole year will be filled with joy, but instead I think I want to cultivate joy in my life.  Smiling, laughing and seeing joy around me is what I want to do this year.

I especially want to be more joyful around Dave & John.  A four year old can be trying at times and instead of turning to my old stand-by…anger…I want to at least try to turn things to joy.

So my goal this year to is live it out as joyfully as possible.

Happy New Year

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Happy 2014!

Yesterday we had all sorts of great plans.  We got up early so I could make breakfast and then we could attend Mass.  About 3 minutes after we awoke, John got sick and changed our plans for the day.  Instead, we spent almost the entire day hanging out in the living room tending a sick little boy.

John has gotten 4 of these nasty stomach bugs in his four years and each one he’s managed to beat in about 12 hours.  He’s sick as anything for most of the day, then he falls asleep late in the evening for about two hours and awakens chipper and ready to go.  He did the same thing yesterday.  And today he’s eating normally.

God Bless!

Dusty Around Here

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Good golly it sure has been a long while since I was last here.

Things are good. How are you?

Lots of stuff roaming around my little brain, but I haven’t put finger to keyboard to blog about anything for a long while.

I know I talk about this all too frequently, but spring cleaning is going to actually happen in the entire house this year!  Promise!  I decided that by Easter Sunday this house will be fabulous!  Okay, maybe not fabulous, but it will at least be free of little dust bunnies everywhere.  And I already have a head start!  I am 80% completely done spring cleaning John’s room…already!  Yeah, for me.  All I have to do is wash his curtains and wash his bedding and I will be done in there!  I even changed all his furniture around and it looks pretty awesome in there, if I do say so myself.

So I thought my cat (17 year old cat) was dying.  He’s been kind of yucky for several months.  He hangs out in the kitchen in a cardboard box and doesn’t do any of his normal stuff.  I figure that he is dying.  Nope, he had an allergy.  Fantastic hubby figured it out.  Allergy dealt with and Riley (the cat) is now acting like a 10 year old cat.  He’s back to his old self.  Honestly, I was getting use to him being quiet.  But, my loud, obnoxious kitty who will go into “self-petting” mode by rubbing his wet little nose all over your hand if you are not actively aggressively petting him is back.

John is doing fantastically.  He is a very active little boy.  LOVES his tractors, trucks, tools and being read too.  He does not like just sitting and looking at books anymore.  He demands that someone “do the words” as he sometimes puts it.

We’re thinking about Lent.  “Doing Lent” is heavily on my mind these days because I want John to get a better understanding of our liturgical seasons.

Hope everyone out there is doing well!


Hurricane Sandy

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Our little family weathered Hurricane Sandy pretty well.  We were prepared for a multiple day power outage, but thankfully our power never went out!!  We finally came through a big storm with power…yoohoo!

The wind began gusting Monday around 4AM, picked up as the day progressed and calmed overnight into Tuesday.  For us, the worst gusts were probably over 50mph.

We had one scary moment around 2PM though.  There was a strong gust and suddenly the Hemlock tree, which stands about three feet from our home, fell.  I was like it fell in slow-motion and landed in the only spot it could have fallen without doing damage.   God’s hand was on that tree for sure!  If it had fallen to the east, if would have taken out our living room.  Falling to the north and it would have blocked the street.  Directly falling south and it would have damaged the pantry and taken out windows.  But instead it fell in a perfect westerly direction next to the house doing absolutely no damage whatsoever!  What a blessing!

Our Idaho family is visiting and staying with Dave’s parents.  Their power went out Monday around 6PM and did not come back until yesterday around 2PM.  This causes some pretty substantial stress, but everyone was safe.

Our MA family did great and didn’t have any power issues or damage.  Even our Manhattan family is doing fine.  Their neighborhood came through unscathed from what I’ve heard. Another huge blessing from God!

Our prayers are with all those who did not fair as well and lost property.  We also pray for the souls of those who lost their lives.

A First Halloween

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Last night was John’s first Halloween where he actually got to walk around and “trick or treat” for candy.  We were joined by the Idaho cousins, B & MB, who dressed up as a black cat and lovely princess.  We went over to Dave’s parents’ house and then went to a few of their dear neighbors’ homes for trick or treating.

John could not figure out this tradition.  He kept asking what we were doing and was not too sure of why his cousin had black painted whiskers face on his face and a tail.  The concept was very foreign to him.  Then we left his grandparents’ house and walked, in the dark, across three lawns to get to a neighbors’ house, knocked on the door and said, “trick or treat”.  John said, “why are we doing this?”  We went inside the home and John was given several little candy bars.  As we were leaving  John says, “can we do that again?”  Yup, he got the point!

We went to four homes, receiving plenty of candy for two 3 yr olds and a 5 yr old.



Fairwell, Gallbladder

Friday, October 12th, 2012

I have joined the ranks of the gallbladder-less.  I had to have mine removed in rather an emergent sort of way on September 29 early in the morning.

Since Jan of 2011, I’ve suffered occasional “gallbladder attacks”, but I had the king daddy whopper gallbladder attack on the evening of the 27th.  It started at 8:30PM and by 5AM the next morning, I had neither slept nor did I have any pain relief so I told my husband and son we needed to head to the emergency room.  By that time, I was also vomiting from pain and the huge amounts of bile dumping into my stomach.

I really love our little hospital.  There is something to be said for big hospitals…say, when you have a major trauma, but for getting in and being seen in an emergency room for something “small” like a gallbladder; I’d go with our little hospital any day.  I had a morphine like drug and anti-nausea meds coursing through my veins within 25 minutes of arriving in the hospital.

The next 50 or so hours are VERY sketchy, but I had an ultrasound, was told I was being admitted and then told I was having surgery.

Everything turned out fantastically.  The surgeon said my gallbladder was nasty and infected, but it is gone and the incisions are healing really well.

No more mean ol’ nasty gallbladder giving me fits!!!

September 11

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

It is September 11 again.  This date always takes me back to that day, I hope I will always remember.

Dear Heavenly Father, please bless the loved ones of those left behind from that terrible day with your merciful peace.  Have mercy on the lost souls.  Amen.

Our son is too young to know of what happened that day, but someday we will teach him of the heroism, loss, terror and change.

Our dear country just has not been the same since that day.   The terrorists took more than lives that day.  They took a few generations’ innocence with them.

Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

We really enjoyed our weekend.  Saturday we had to run up to New Hampshire for some maple business and took the scenic way home.  We took care of a some home improvement purchases at Home Depot and went to a steakhouse for some fabulous ribeyes!  We ate at a restaurant called Dakota for the first time and were pretty impressed.

On Sunday we went to church and came home to tackle some home improvement things.  A while back, we had scraped the paint trim around a window, along the bottom of the house and around a door getting it ready for painting.  While Dave mowed the lawn and took care of a few other things, I painted.  The paint color turned out to be a brighter shade of our current trim color,  but hopefully as it cures it won’t be really noticeable.  There are parts of our house’s trim that are WAY, WAY to high for painting.  We’d have to hire a professional.  Dave is scrapping the trim around the porch for our next painting day.

On Monday we drove out to Narragansett, RI.  We just wanted to see the ocean.  John is such a blessing.  He just wanted to sit on the sea wall and watch the waves crash against the rocks for good fifteen minutes.  I’ve not encountered many almost 3 year olds with patience enough to sit and watch waves.  What an awesome kiddo!  We drove to Niantic, CT for a seafood dinner at Costello’s.

So we accomplished somethings around the house, got in some sight seeing, had some wonderful food and a great time as a family.  Awesome weekend!

New Photos

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

We’ve updated our photos page with new photos for the month of May. Our trip for my father-in-law’s 80th birthday to Vermont and New Hampshire are included. We haven’t added captions, yet.

Maple Sugar Project

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

My husband has a great new project involving production of maple sugar.  We’re seeking backers for our project and would love any extra exposure we could obtain. Dave did a really great job producing the video for the project.  Please check it out at:

Thank you to everyone that takes a look at our project!