October, 2010

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Three Day Weekend

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

We had a spectacular three day weekend.  Saturday we went out early and visited about 10 yard sales between our town and West Hartford.  We found a few good items, but the day and the drive was really awesome.  Sunday after church we went for another drive and found an area kind of recently opened to the public on some lumber company’s property.  There we some great views there.  Monday we kind of stuck around the house and accomplished a few things.  It was a really wonderful family-oriented weekend.  And the weather couldn’t have been nicer.

Cloudy Day

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

There is mega construction going on today on the street in front of us.  They are putting in new water pipes down the middle of the road.  So it was a good opportunity to take John outside to see the big construction vehicles.  Surprisingly, the construction is REALLY loud right now, but John’s been asleep for an hour BY HIMSELF!  WooHoo!  I’ve actually checked email, read a couple of blogs, and am now actually updating our blog.

Some of you know that back a zillion years ago during college I was a daycare teacher and then a Pre-K teacher.  So why is it that I have run out of ideas for things to do with John??  He’s too young for a lot of stuff, but he’s certainly old enough for other stuff, but I’ve absolutely run out of ideas.  I think he’s getting bored and winter is quickly coming upon.  I need indoor fun stuff ideas ASAP!  Doing a basic internet search gets me no where.  I’d love to find a couple of blogging mommies with cool ideas for the younger set.  I’ve got gads of ideas for the 2+ era,  but I need stuff for the 13-24 month zone.