July, 2011

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John’s New Phrase

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

I always say to John, “up you go”, when I pick him up.  So the other day he started saying something that I finally figured out was “up you go” when he wanted picked up.  It is so cute.  He’ll run over to me and say, “up you go” and want to be carried.

Beautiful July Day

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

It is hot outside, but it was still a nice and productive day.  The first thing this morning I took an Excedrin.  I had a caffeine headache anyway (drank a bunch of soda over the weekend), but the caffeine in the Excedrin was just enough to wake me up all the way.  I think I was meant to be a coffee drinker, but never developed a taste for the stuff.  I’d probably have to put so much sugar/chocolate/cream etc in the stuff and it would defeat the purpose.  And it really is too hot for me to drink hot tea.  Iced tea has too little caffeine, unless maybe I haven’t done my research and maybe there is a great “get ya up and goin’ ” tea out there…have to look into it.

John bathed while I cleaned the bathroom.  Our bathroom is pretty tiny so my eyes never actually leave him, so in case mom is reading…John is well watched while bathing.  I also decided to get rid of the bathroom’s current decor during our upcoming garage sale.  So I took all the wall hangings down, dusted them and set them aside for the sale.  We are planning to paint the bathroom woodwork all white this summer so now I’ve got a clean slate from which to work.

I took care of a bunch of laundry, even hung some out to dry on the clothesline.  John and I scrubbed the rod iron railing outside readying it for spray painting tomorrow.  John took it upon himself to scrub the steps and rid them of some moss growing on them.  John LOVES playing in water so I let him play with the hose while also watering the tomato plants.

Dinner was in the oven, again with John’s assistance, even before Dave came home from work. That was very nice.  So all in all a productive, nice day.

John’s new phrase is: “up you go” when he wants to get picked up.  I always say, “up you go” when I got to pick him up so it is too cute that he says that instead of “up” like other kids.

Photos Updated

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

In an effort to meet out goal of keeping the pictures updated, I’ve updated the pictures through June.  That means through this past Thursday, so it doesn’t get more current than that.  I’ve also gone back and added descriptions because I saw that we hadn’t done that in a while.  Enjoy!