June, 2009

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First Candidate Failed

Monday, June 29th, 2009

So we’ll not be using this first pediatrician we interviewed.  He totally started out on the wrong foot by severely criticizing my personal choice (as a totally healthy, absolutely no complications, pregnant woman)   to use a midwife versus an ob/gyn for my prenatal and labor & delivery care.  After his mini-rant about how I’m putting our baby in danger using a stand-alone midwife who is not under direct supervision of an ob/gyn, he then proceeded to chastise our choice to have the baby at a very small hospital here in our own town rather than driving 45 minutes to the nearest big hospital.  And things kind of went downhill from there.  I didn’t even make it through all the questions I’d planned to ask him. And since that interview, we’ve heard from others that he nor his practice are very good.  We’ve got lots more choices though.

Heading Out to Interview Our First Candidate for Pediatrician

Friday, June 26th, 2009

So here in a few minutes Dave and I will be interviewing our first candidate to be our baby’s pediatrician.  Now as a former librarian, I know not to judge a book by its cover.  But boy is it hard to not judge when the cover of the “book” is a bad receptionist.  I’ve got a bad thought in my head already because the receptionist at this particular doctor’s office was not exactly the most polite human being ever.  I’m going to offer leeway though because everyone has a bad day, but considering the receptionist is my first line toward communicating with the pediatrician in the future…she could be annoying after a while.

I’m mostly interested in finding out if the guy will be really supportive and helpful of my decision to breast-feed, thoughts on circumcision, parenting techniques, alternative medicine, antibiotics, immunizations, when to start solids, making our own baby food, and eventually homeschooling.   So we’ll see.  If this one doesn’t work out I’ve got another interview scheduled in early July.

Finding a pediatrician is harder work than I thought.

Cloth Diapers

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

We were supposed to go to a cloth diapering class this past Saturday, but we found out our nephew was having a quickie birthday party that day instead.  So maybe this weekend we’ll make it.

My friend Gina had a good comment the other day about cloth diapering.  It sounds like we’ll be using cloth diapers similarly to how she used them.  There isn’t a nearby diaper service here, but we have a brand new washing machine that has all these bells & whistles, including a sanitize mode that will come in handy washing diapers.  And we are totally not going to be cloth diaper purists.  We go on way too many day trips and longer trips to fiddle with cloth diapers during those times.  We’ll be using disposables for trips, illness (me or baby) and for days when we’re expecting to be gone big chunks of the day.  So I plan to have at least a package of disposables in the appropriate size available all the time here at the house.

Now it is just a matter of figuring out which cloth diaper solution to go with and actually purchase the things.  We’ll be using disposables for the first 6 weeks so we still have a bit of time to figure this whole thing out.

34 Weeks!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

I had my 34th week appointment this morning and all is well.  No weight gain!  (No guilt meant for those of you who are supposed to gain weight during pregnancy…I’m overweight already and not supposed to gain at all.)  My blood pressure was 110/80 still.  And baby’s heartbeat sounds just fine and is in the head down position.

During my next appointment at 36 weeks, the midwife will do the required culture to check for the presence of Strep B and check my cervix for the first time to see where I’m at.

Tonight Dave & I are going to visit the hospital where I’m going to have the baby so we can see the rooms and just get a feel for the place generally so it isn’t strange when I need to go in for real.

Lots and Lots of Baby Related Appointments

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Between childbirth classes, baby care class, breastfeeding classes, cloth diapering class and “baby-wearing” class, Dave and I have just been running all over the place with baby related stuff.  We’ve also got interviews set-up with pediatricians and a car seat installation appointment.   Tonight I’m attending my first La Leche League meeting with the topic “bringing home baby and beginning breastfeeding”.

We took our baby care class last Friday evening.  Seeing all the variety of new parents was interesting.  There was a couple who looked young and might even still be attending maybe graduate level schooling who took notes feverishly.  A couple who were hyper prepared and not nearly as far a long as I am in the pregnancy.  And an older couple having a second child 13 years after their first.  And several more just normal people with normal questions.

We’ve also taken our first childbirth class; actually our first of four of those classes.  This Saturday we are going to a local store for two classes; one on cloth diapering and another on slings.   We’ve just been absolutely overwhelmed with the variety of cloth diapers available right now.   There are a zillion different options and all of them have pros & cons, it is just a matter of coming up with a configuration of pros and cons we can live with.  So we’re hopeful this class will do that for us.

Thankfully, one of our local state troopers stationed here in town is certified to install car seats so I don’t have to fret about doing that.  I just had to make an appointment with him.

We are getting close to having the baby room prepared.  We have the dresser, but we still need to transform it into a changing table as well.  The changing pad has been purchased, but we just need to make a platform, do some sanding, fix a little trim and repaint the whole thing.   It should look pretty cute when it is complete.  My cat, Bailey, has approved of and decidedly taken over the new chair in the baby’s room.  And the crib is still in a couple of pieces, but coming along.

My mother-in-law is hosting a baby shower for us on June 27th.  I don’t think she’s actually sending out invitations, just letting people know via word of mouth because she’s been pretty infirmed lately with a leg injury.  She’s chosen a nice little Italian restaurant that serves yummy food in which to host the shower.  My mom is actually scheduled to be here during that time-frame so she’ll even get to attend!

So aside from running all over the countryside lately, I’m doing pretty well.  My only real “complaint” is being just pooped.  Occasionally, the baby stretches up into my lungs or jabs my stomach making me feel slightly ill.  And I’ve got the usual pregnancy back and pelvis aches and pains, but nothing really difficult to deal with at all.

Well, I need to go prepare dinner for my dear hubbie and I so that I can attend my La Leche League meeting this evening.

New Niece!

Monday, June 1st, 2009

My dear sister-in-law out in Idaho gave birth to a baby girl yesterday afternoon!  Congratulations!!!