January, 2010

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Five Months Old Today!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
John at 5 months

John at 5 months

John is 5 Months old today!  And what an amazing and awesome little guy he is!  Right now he’s laying in his crib, tugging on his feet (trying to chew on them), all while squealing all sorts of different noises…oh, yeah and occasionally sneezing.  John got his first cold on the first day of the New Year.

He’s not really sleeping on his own for naps yet.  I had him close to doing that before the holidays, but with travel and different daily schedules, things got out of sync for him.  And then when I was ready to try getting him to nap on his own again, he got a cold and became slightly clingy for a few days.  So maybe next week we’ll try again.

You should hear the sounds this little man makes.  Everything from outright screams and yells to little squeaks and squeals.  It’s too funny listening to him.  We’ve got to get it on video.  He only really goes all out with the vocalizations when laying on the changing table or laying by himself in the crib.  He’s really pretty quiet sometimes.  And he has the cutest little giggle when you tickle him just right.

John also absolutely loves his Daddy!  He just gives him a huge smile when ever he sees him.  And if he hears his voice he is instantly trying to find him.